NATO just wrecked after the exercise, Russian joke: Is this also deterring me?

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NATO just wrecked after the exercise, Russian joke: Is this also deterring me?

2018-11-09 20:25:32 169 ℃

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It seems that there will be no end to the United States, and there are too many examples to prove it. The most recent example is Norway, with the United States and NATO. A "Trident-2018" multinational joint military exercise was held, but the main frigate was lost immediately after the exercise was over.

According to overseas websites, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation reported on November 8 that the Norwegian Royal Navy frigate "Instar" was on the same day. In the early morning, it collided with a tanker and entered the water seriously.

The report said that the accident did not cause death, only 8 people were slightly injured, but the warships were completely sunk at any time, and all 137 people on the ship had been evacuated.

The report also said that the ship had just participated in the largest military exercise in NATO after the Cold War, "Trident Contact 2018", "Instar" is the fourth ship of the Norwegian "Nansen-class" frigate, 2009 In service, the ship was built with 5 ships and equipped with the Aegis system. It is the main battleship of the Norwegian Navy.

This incident is very hurt for Norway because of the NATO’s Trident-2018 exercise. The main location is in the Norwegian region, especially the sea exercise. The US "Truman" aircraft carrier led more than 70 warships to exercise in the waters near Norway. This is not only the first time the US aircraft carrier entered the Arctic Circle in recent years, but also after the end of the Cold War in the Norwegian waters. The Navy is the largest ever.

From the beginning of the Cold War, Norway was the front line of the Cold War. The Norwegian army and the Soviet army often had intense collisions, such as the famous Barents Sea scalpel in 1987, when a Su-27 fighter jet was given to the Norwegian Navy. A P-3B patrol machine was opened.

The Russians must be very sorry for the Norwegian Navy’s "Instad" encounter and may continue Send a few warships or fighters to commemorate it. After all, regardless of the Cold War or the current state of the cold war, the Norwegian army has worked hard for it.

In fact, during the entire exercise, NATO has been in constant condition. Russian warships and fighters rushed from time to time, causing NATO troops to be in a hurry. Russia had previously sent two Tu-160 bombers close to the exercise area, making NATO military very "Thriller", and the flagship "Whitney Hill" of the US Sixth Fleet is also said to have been overtaken by the Russian Tu-142 patrol aircraft.

And during the exercise, there was a car accident and there were soldiers and vehicles lost. This time the Norwegian Navy’s main ship was sunk. This series of accidents will only make Russian jokes and let the exercises Deterrence is greatly reduced.

In any case, NATO’s exercise is over, but will Russians be afraid? If the powerful means can make the Russians bow their heads, Napoleon France and Germany during World War II, there is a lot to say.