France is so "smashed" so soon?

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France is so "smashed" so soon?

2018-11-11 00:25:29 122 ℃

In recent days, French President Mark Long has even said a big rebellion to the United States, and he has also angered President Trump.

Before Trump’s anger, the Frenchman immediately “怂...

So, what did this Mark Long say in the words of "screaming the sky"?

It turned out that the first two days, in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the "World War I", the French president actually said in an interview that he hoped that Europe could form a "real The European Army" thus resists China, Russia and even the United States.

"Only when Europe has a real European army, we can protect ourselves," he said.

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Marcon also revealed in an interview that US President Trump recently announced that he would withdraw from the "Guidelines on the Treaty" signed by the United States with the Soviet Union to protect Europe during the Cold War. Made Europe the biggest victim. And that's why he insists that Europe should have a defensive force that belongs to itself, not to the United States.

"From the concept of defending sovereignty, we need a Europe that can better defend ourselves, not just rely on the United States," Mark Long said in an interview.

Not only that, according to AFP, which reported the matter at the time, the formation of a common military force throughout Europe, and Mark Long has been calling for and advocating since he served as French president last year. After all, when Trump led the United States to start thinking about the feelings and interests of Europe everywhere, he would have such an idea completely justifiable.

In fact, EU President Juncker also proposed a similar view to Mark Long’s statement in May of this year. The political background at the time was that Trump had withdrawn from the Paris Meteorological Agreement and the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and continued to attack Europe on trade and NATO issues.

▲ The New York Times published a paper saying: Trump does not care about the NATO alliance with Europe

The problem is that US President Trump is against Mark Long. This speech was very dissatisfied. Even on the way to France for the centennial commemoration of the "World War I" this morning, he had already sent a post with enthusiasm: blaming Mark Long for saying "too insulting people" On the one hand, Europe is required to make up for the cheap and unpaid NATO military expenses that have been occupied by the United States...

Trang Pu said: "French President Mark Long has just proposed that Europe should form a military force against the United States, China and Russia. This is too insulting, and whether Europe should first consider the money they owe to NATO, after all, We have taken a lot in the United States!"

and in front of Trump’s anger, the French The reaction seems to be a little... "怂" feeling.

Because according to CNN reports, senior officials of the French government quickly came forward to "clarify" that Markron is not trying to establish a military force that has always been in Europe. He is merely calling on Europe to further strengthen the existing Cooperation and capital investment in military resources.

"Not a European army. He is not saying that Europe should set up its own army, but only a supplement to NATO, and not a separation from NATO," said the French official. Pu misunderstood the meaning of Mark Long.

However, whether it’s CNN or other reports today Trump’s Western media, who was angry with Mark Long, did not think that Mark’s meaning was misinterpreted—after all, Mark Long’s words had already been said, and he was not only apparently reprimanding Trump for disregarding Europe. Interests, even straightforwardly, said that Europe must "defend the United States."

Finally, according to CNN’s report, Mark Long may personally respond to Trump’s post that he rebuked him tomorrow. As a peasant who is far away from China, he is only hoping that the French can be a bit harder when facing the unreasonable Americans, instead of being a linguistic giant and a "soft egg" in action.

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