Once Prince William becomes king, these changes will happen to Princess Kate’s life!

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Once Prince William becomes king, these changes will happen to Princess Kate’s life!

2018-11-11 00:25:33 129 ℃

When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, the Duchess knew that her life as a member of the royal family would be Civilian life is very different. But many years later, her life has not changed significantly. Although we don't want to think about it, we know that Queen Elizabeth II will not live forever, and her son, the legal heir, Prince Charles, will not live forever. As the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, Prince William may one day become a king, when Middleton will witness the biggest change in her life. When her husband became a British king, her life will change.

Her title will change

Now, she is Known as the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, but when William is on the throne, her title will change. However, Kate Middleton will not be the Queen of England. The reason is that she is not a natural royal family member, so she can't have the title like the current Queen Elizabeth. Instead, she will become the spouse of the king, which distinguishes a person from a real royal family to a person who has already married the royal family. For example, her daughter, Princess Charlotte, was born in the royal family and will one day become a queen.

Kate Middleton’s child may become her king or queen

After William's succession to the throne, the inheritance of the throne of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis has also changed. Once their father becomes king, Prince George will become the legal heir, and his sister Charlotte will be the second heir, thanks to the Crown Act. The law modifies the law of succession to the throne, so that men no longer take precedence over their sisters. Prince William and Middleton's youngest child, Prince Louis, were born in April 2018 and will rank third. That is, if the Duchess live longer than her husband and he died as a king, one of her own children may become her next king or queen. Once George has his own child, his brothers and sisters will change.

Kate Middleton and William may have to move

When William became the monarch, another thing that might change was her home. The couple currently reside in Kensington Palace, they are married, but once the Duke of Cambridge becomes king, Kate Middleton may move to Buckingham Palace because Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the royal family. However, as a king and living in Buckingham Palace is not a matter of nailing, there are reports that William's father will not move to his mother's residence after he succeeded to the throne. Prince Charles intends to live with his wife Camilla in the Crowne Plaza. It remains to be seen whether Prince William and Middleton will decide to live full time at Buckingham Palace, but if this is not the case, they may still hold most state banquets and other official affairs at Buckingham Palace.

Her wealth will change

Last, when William When the prince becomes king, what will change is her wealth. Currently, Prince William's net worth is about $40 million, while Kate Middleton's net worth is about $10 million. That's because, in this way, William can make money like the Queen. Time magazine pointed out that this may be achieved through private income, including the property owned by the Queen or the investment she made. Another way is through the Lancaster Principality or sovereignty, which is paid annually by the government to the monarch to pay for its official expenses. According to reports, William will inherit this and add it to his property to help his wife and children become richer.