Trump canceled the tribute to the martyrs because of the light rain, the Americans were angry to post a photo of Putin

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Trump canceled the tribute to the martyrs because of the light rain, the Americans were angry to post a photo of Putin

2018-11-12 00:25:41 153 ℃

November 10 is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. US President Trump originally planned to go to a US military cemetery on Saturday to commemorate the American soldiers who died in France during the First World War. However, due to the light rain, the trip was temporarily cancelled, causing public outrage.

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According to Reuters, Trump was scheduled to travel 85 km from Paris with his wife Melaniya on Saturday. The Ain-Marne cemetery, but the helicopter could not fly normally due to light rain and low clouds, Trump can only cancel the trip.

The White House issued a statement saying that "the schedule was delayed due to the weather and the logistical difficulties. Their trip was cancelled. The US delegation led by retired general and White House chief of staff John Kay represented them.

The report said that the temporary cancellation of the trip caused public outrage. Many people slammed Trump on social networks. Some British and American officials said that Trump "disrespects" American soldiers. .

Nicholas Soames, a British parliamentarian and former British Prime Minister Churchill’s grandson, said: “The soldiers died because they bravely resisted the enemy, and the sad, unqualified Trump actually Because the weather is bad, don't pay tribute to the dead."

Ben Rhodes, a national security adviser for the Obama era, said that Trump is not only sad but shameful and embarrassing . He pointed out that I have planned an eight-year trip for Obama and will always arrange a rainy day for filing. forever and always.


The commentary area of ​​Trump’s Twitter is now full of the anger of American netizens:

There are netizens who miss successive presidents...

"The real man will not shelter from the rain."

"Look, Bush knows how to turn off the umbrella."

Some netizens also released Putin’s photos, “even the Kyoto will pay tribute to the fallen people in their country in the pouring rain.”

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There are also netizens who have pulled out the tweets that had been sent by Republican Senator Graham in the US Congress, and set the point: "I really enjoy playing golf with the President today, Trang. In the stormy days, he scored a 73."


"Playing Golf More important than going to the war memorial."


"This is a photo of my grandfather and his three brothers coming back from France. 100 years ago, they spent the winter in a trench, two of them still lied and said they were full At the age of 18, I can go to the battlefield. But Trump can't do it for one hour in the rain. He is a shame in history."

< p> Some netizens said that it may be that Trump is afraid that his hair style is messed up.

"Poor 'small snowflake' (used to imply rich second generation, also described as being considered vulnerable, irritating, self The traits of love) cost millions to fly to France to participate in the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, but because of the rain, they did not go to the American cemetery to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers."

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The netizen said that Trump is a coward.

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Despite the rain, French President Mark Long and German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to World War I to participate in the battle. End the 100th anniversary ceremony. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also visited the Canadian Cemetery in northeastern France to commemorate the soldiers who died in the Vimy Ridge.

It is unclear what form Trump will replace in attending the cemetery to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The White House said he spent his time at the US ambassador's residence in Paris. In the meantime, he sent a tweet: I wish the US Marine Corps 243th birthday.