Ukrainian discovery of "established system" smuggling arms, the arsenal of the big blast rumor surfaced

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Ukrainian discovery of "established system" smuggling arms, the arsenal of the big blast rumor surfaced

2018-11-15 00:25:00 190 ℃

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In 2018, the country north of 40° north latitude experienced the cold of this winter, especially Ukraine.

One day in November, an official of the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office received a phone call. The phone was anxiously saying that the inspectors found a number of “unidentified” military supplies and must have him. Come and see for yourself. The officer who put down the phone was puzzled because the ordinary "smuggling arms" were not enough for him to personally handle, but he left Kiev and immediately went to another state more than 100 kilometers away.

A soldier in southern Ukraine recently traded

explosives stolen from the military camp and When the bullet was arrested

(map source

After two hours, the gates of an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Tomir were opened, and a row of huge engines And the black ammunition box came into view, and the servant official knew that he was "not worthwhile."

(Source Ukrainian total The Office of the Attorney General)

On November 9, 2018, the Office of the Attorney General of Ukraine confirmed that in a recent joint search between the department and the Ukrainian Security Service, a large number of Ukrainian armed forces from unknown sources were found. Equipment supplies, including 84 T-72 tank engines and 3494 boxes of small arms ammunition!

(The source of the Ukrainian Attorney General's Office)

And not to mention 3494 boxes of ammunition, What is the concept of 84 T-72 tank engines?

The T-72 tank was widely used in the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries participating in the Warsaw Pact in the 1970s. It is also one of the main battle tanks in Ukraine. At present, a tank battalion of a Russian Mobility brigade is compiled into 41 tanks. According to this calculation, the stolen tank engines are enough to equip two Russian T-72 tank battalions!


According to the preliminary statistics of the investigators, 84 engines and 3494 The total value of the box ammunition has reached 300 million US dollars! It is also the case of the arms smuggling case involving a huge amount of money involved in the case. It is also reminiscent of the "chain explosion case" of the Ukrainian arsenal.

On October 29, 2015, an arsenal in the Ukrainian-controlled state of Lugansk caught fire and the fire caused an explosion of ammunition. The incident resulted in 4 deaths and 16 injuries.

September 26, 2017, Kaliniff, Vinnitsa, Central Ukraine The ammunition of the card arsenal exploded and caught fire. More than 30,000 villagers near the fire were evacuated.

A former arsenal in Kharkov, Ukraine, May 3, 2018 A fire broke out and 40 explosions occurred. The reason why it is called "the former arsenal" is because there was a serious fire here as early as March 2017.

The nearest arsenal fire bombing occurred on October 9 this year. An explosion occurred in the arsenal of Chernigov in northern Uzbekistan, one of the largest arsenals in Ukraine, where nearly 70,000 tons of ammunition were stored during the fire.

(the above material source: drawing mark)

It is only a few large-scale Ukrainian arsenal fire explosions in recent years. The large-scale and well-documented arsenal explosions can be traced back to 2003.


President of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada National Security and Defense Committee Sergei ∙pashenski said that in the past two and a half years, the Ukrainian arsenal has burned more than $2 billion in ammunition. What is the concept of $2 billion? In 2017, Ukraine’s defense budget was 2.8 billion U.S. dollars, which means that 70% of Ukrainian defense budget last year was just enough to fill the hole of the ammunition depot in the past two years.

Ukrainian defense expenditures

(trading economics)

Frequent arsenal accidents also cast doubt on the stupidity, so there is such a saying popular in Ukraine: the Ukrainian arsenal explosion is a ghost of the East Uk separatists and Russians. Even Poroshenko himself pointed out that it is very likely that Russian agents used small drones to trigger an explosion of the Ukrainian arsenal.

But in the absence of clear evidence, it is impossible to say that the red-mouthed white teeth are pushed to the Russian agents. There are also many problems in Ukraine itself. Take the Kalinifka arsenal in 2017. The largest arsenal in Ukraine was guarded by 63 people before the explosion. The wooden boxes used to store ammunition in the library have rotted.

So another way of saying it is also circulating on the Internet: the frequent fire explosions in the Ukrainian arsenal are due to self-stealing. The smuggled arms discovered by the Ukrainian Attorney General’s Office have not yet been identified as directly related to the previous arsenal bombings, but it is difficult to find other sources because of the “established system” engines and the huge number of weapons and ammunition.

With the anxiety of the Eastern War situation, the more rampant arms smuggling case in Uganda also justifies this. A report from the non-governmental advisory organization OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) shows that more and more Eastern European countries are concerned that weapons in Ukraine will flow into their territory through illegal channels.


The peacetime can also see mushroom Yunsheng in the downtown area In addition to Syria, there is only Ukraine. After a series of fires, I believe that Ukraine has prepared relevant emergency plans and disaster relief equipment, and more importantly, strengthen the protection of the arsenal to prevent problems before they occur.

(Source MTI/EPA)

In any case, safety first. After all, in addition to the Ukrainian military, the area around the arsenal is more innocent residents.