Syria is going to start again! The 70,000 rebel forces returned to Al Qaeda, and they were horrified.

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Syria is going to start again! The 70,000 rebel forces returned to Al Qaeda, and they were horrified.

2018-11-16 20:25:03 153 ℃

The two-month-long Syrian battlefield has caused another storm. The 70,000 rebels in the northern Idlib city suddenly announced the return of all terrorist organizations to the victory front and vowed to fight with the Syrian government.

Idlib is the last base of control by the Syrian rebels. There are nearly 3 million people in the city, of which 70,000 are rebel. But these rebels are from various factions. In addition to the common enemy, the Syrian government forces, many rebel factions themselves are also incompatible with each other. But yesterday (January 15, 2018), the city’s extremist organization, the Nusrah Front, announced that all the rebel groups had all united under the banner of the Victory Front, and there were no moderates or extremes in the city: b> "All factions, without exception, all follow the orders of the Joint Command!"

< p> Backfired, the first to be eliminated is the moderates

In September this year, Russia and Turkey reached a ceasefire agreement, agreeing that Russia and Turkey will set a depth of 15 kilometers in Idlib. Belts, prohibiting extreme tissues from appearing in the barrier. Russia and Turkey hope to "cultivate" the moderate forces of Idlib in this way. But I did not expect that the first thing that disappeared in the city was the "moderate faction". Now 70,000 rebel forces are all assembled under the banner of the extremist organization’s victory front, and they will swear to fight the Syrian government.

The war may re-emerge at any time

The Victory Front was originally in the city of Idlib The most powerful of all rebel groups, with about 10,000 members. After controlling the rebels of other factions, the Nusra Front announced that the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Turkey was not acceptable to the rebels in the city and was therefore not prepared to comply with the requirements of the agreement.

At the same time, the Syrian government forces were also stripped of their voice in the Russian-Turkish agreement. Although Assad looked forward to regaining Idlib, he was forced to accept the reality, and after the formation of the encirclement of Idlib, he temporarily stopped the attack.

However, the decision of the rebels to establish a joint command clearly changed the original intention of the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement. Will the Syrian government forces resume their attacks on Idlib?

Does the United States allow the Syrian government to recover Idlib?

Before the signing of the ceasefire agreement in Russia, Trump said very well: If Assad’s Syrian government forces attacked Idlib, “the world will be very angry! If the world is angry Then the United States will be very, very angry." Trump made it clear that the United States will not allow Syria to recover Idlib.

The United States is not willing to sit down and watch the Syrian government forces recover Idlib. Because of the acquisition of Idlib, Assad actually unified the Syrian territory on the west bank of the Euphrates. The Kurdish armed forces supported by the United States have become a "solar army", facing both the pressure of the Syrian government forces and Turkey.

But now all of Idlib’s rebels have turned into members of the Extreme Organization’s Nusrah Front. If the United States now stops the Syrian government forces from attacking Idlib, is it open to the same trench in the open and extremist organizations?

The situation in Syria has changed overnight, and Idlib’s situation is very strange.