Pakistani sees Putin slightly nervous, but Putin’s statement makes Yingla profitable.

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Pakistani sees Putin slightly nervous, but Putin’s statement makes Yingla profitable.

2018-11-18 00:25:24 203 ℃

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Beijing time on November 14, the Thai Prime Minister used the gap between the ASEAN summit in Singapore and Russian President Putin to meet, Putin and Ba Yu for the future cooperation between the two sides In the face of Putin, who was very strong in the gas field, Ba Yu, who was a soldier, was nervous. When the two sides shook hands, Ba Yu’s soft gestures still sold him. Ba Yu repeatedly met with the leaders of the international powers before the election. The purpose is undoubtedly to win support for himself. Especially under the general trend that the military government does not delegate its power to express dissatisfaction, Ba Yu needs to expand space, and he recently met. Abe Shinzo, Mark Long and Pu Kyoto are countries with special interests in Southeast Asia, so it is said that there is still a purpose for this in the past, but in the end it did not achieve his inner small ninety-nine. Putin finally wished that the Thai election was all going well. The implication is that there is no forced intervention in the voting. This is naturally not what Pakistan wants to hear, but it is more beneficial to Yingluck.

Bayu has been paying attention to his personal image since the announcement of the election time, and he has become an amiable old man in the country. In foreign countries, he actively participated in various activities. In recent months, Ba Yu met with Shinzo Abe in Japan. He also received certain Japanese assistance and went to France to participate in the event of commemorating World War I. To enhance Thailand's international image, this time in Singapore and Putin talks, Ba Yu naturally wants to get Russia's support for himself. We know that with the strengthening of Russia's national strength, Putin has already revived the idea of ​​regaining the glory of the past. Therefore, Russia, which had withdrawn from Southeast Asia, also had a return to its heart. Ba Yu naturally saw the idea of ​​Putin and wanted to vote for it, but unfortunately Can do it.

Ba Yu was slightly nervous in front of Putin, and the two sides held a short talk, and Putin wished him a final wish The election is going smoothly. Of course, this is more of a diplomatic vocabulary. However, this is obviously not what Bashi wants. We know that this election is the slogan of repaying the government. If everything goes well, it should be the elected party instead of winning. Ba Yu. The blessing that Ba Yu wants to hear is that Russia supports the current Thai government, but unfortunately it has not been heard.

This time, Ba Yu did not achieve the goal but lost, we know that Russia’s international influence is still very Big, although Putin’s sentence is a diplomatic vocabulary or an ordinary blessing, it can also affect some people. If Ba Yu really wants to be re-elected, he must think about international influence. At least he dares not to blatantly interfere in the election. .

Putin’s talks with Ba Yu have made Ying Lai Li, after all, Ying Lai’s Thai Party and the newly established The party is ready, and Putin’s words will make it possible for Ba Yu to think about it before he has mandatory measures. This is undoubtedly a big space for Yingluck. As a result, the strength of both sides of the election is further tightened. The field is about to be staged.