Details of the Russian-Uzbek conflict (4): NATO accuses Russia of impeding freedom of navigation, and the great powers are forced to fight

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Details of the Russian-Uzbek conflict (4): NATO accuses Russia of impeding freedom of navigation, and the great powers are forced to fight

2018-11-27 10:25:32 243 ℃

Author: Rainbow photo Kursk

3 for the Ukrainian Navy ship Sunday was Jiangchuang Kerch Strait, was eventually captured Russian event, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Senior military assistants held a special meeting to discuss the evening.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said: "Russian ships violated our freedom of maritime navigation and illegal use of force against Ukrainian naval vessels."

NATO also voiced support for Ukraine, saying that "NATO fully supports Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, including its right to navigate the territorial waters. We call on Russia to ensure unimpeded access to Ukrainian ships in accordance with international law. The port of the Azov Sea."

The EU spokesperson also said: "We expect Russia to resume freedom of movement in the Kerch Strait and urge all parties to exercise restraint with the utmost restraint and immediately ease the situation." Western countries have collectively supported Ukraine. It is possible that Ukraine has basically reached its political goal, that is, it has taken the initiative to help Western countries provoke Russia in exchange for Western support and even aid to Ukraine.

At present, Ukraine is clearly weak in its confrontation with Russia, with the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Ukraine Already lost important strategic priorities. Shortly after the Russian-Uzbek conflict, Russia closed its border crossing with Ukraine. The conflict between the two sides was on the verge of exploding, and even some places had already reported on the land.

There are many reasons behind this incident. If the external reason is that Ukraine is willing to be a pawn in the Western countries in exchange for Western sympathy and support, then the internal reason is the impact of Russia's newly built strait bridge on the economy of the eastern coastal cities of Ukraine.

Russia built the Chihwa Channel Bridge to connect the Russian mainland with the Crimean Peninsula. However, Russia has strictly limited the height of the bridge when building the bridge, and the maximum is 35 meters.

The height of the ship that enters the Azov Sea from the Black Sea and then docks in the coastal cities of Ukraine can only be a small boat. The 10,000-ton sea wheel is no longer able to enter the Azov Sea! This has led to a serious reduction in cargo throughput in Ukrainian coastal cities. Since the beginning of this year, Ukraine’s maritime trade gains in the two main seaports along the Azov Sea, Port Mariup and Berdyansk have fallen by nearly a quarter. The port of Mariupol is the harbor where the Ukrainian navy will arrive!

Ukrainian hate for Russia’s Kerch Strait Bridge, and many members even asked the Ukrainian army to blow up the bridge.

However, in the face of the actions of the Ukrainian Navy, whether it is known as "freedom of navigation" or threatening to The Kerch Strait Bridge is also a good start. The Russian polar bear will not look at the Western face! Directly show the powerful strength and smash the weak fleet of Ukraine!

As the saying goes, you don’t want to learn adult arrogance. There is not a lot of meat in the Ukrainian Navy. You have to learn the freedom of the United States and other navies to sail. This is not to extend your face to let Russia fight!

Russia is not unaware of the character of this fight. This action is really a failure. The only few armored boats lost 2 ships in this way!

It’s really a cry!