The United States finally tasted bitter fruit? Russia: does not rule out preemptive use of nuclear weapons

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The United States finally tasted bitter fruit? Russia: does not rule out preemptive use of nuclear weapons

2018-11-27 20:25:29 1006 ℃


Recently, according to British media reports, Russia will abolish the principle of not using nuclear weapons first, and when Russia is attacked by a country’s conventional weapons. The nuclear weapons can be used to fight back. Russia’s previous principle of using nuclear weapons has always been the use of nuclear weapons in Russia or Russia’s use of nuclear weapons in the face of life and death. Now, when Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks it is necessary, The enemy’s pre-emptive nuclear strikes have made Russia’s normal nuclear weapons principle radical, and Russia may even launch its own nuclear weapons to a country that offends Russia when it is unexpected.

Russia is always a country that loves to "surprise" the international community. People all over the world believe that Russia is powerless to wage war. At the time, Russia defeated Georgia with lightning speed and won the Chechen war. If Russia does not think that an impossible nuclear war will erupt, it will launch its own nuclear weapons because of problems that may be overlooked by others. According to relevant analysts, Russia’s move is entirely in response to Trump’s announcement that the United States intends to withdraw from the 1987 Treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev. Putin once said, "Russia will not sit idly"

There is another hidden reason for popularization, that is, Putin Russia is not very confident in its conventional military power. When it comes to a war with a small country, Russia certainly has the confidence to win. If it is a war with the United States that has more military power than Russia’s superpowers, Russia can be said to be dead. Russia They can only sacrifice their own weapons from the disintegration of the Soviet Union to today's killer--nuclear weapons. Although Russia's conventional military power is very poor compared with the superpowers such as the United States, Russia does not have much to do with nuclear weapons. Basically, no country dares to say that it can 100. % intercepting the ballistic missiles launched by Russia, even the United States can not completely intercept, although it will not destroy the entire United States, but the big cities of the United States may not survive the nuclear war, nuclear weapons are indeed Russia's enduring killer 锏 .

Russia’s predecessor, the Soviet Union’s strategic nuclear threat to the United States, is mainly in Western Europe. The Soviet Union’s nuclear policy is once the United States has been subjected to the United States. The nuclear weapons strike will use the nuclear weapons to razing the western Europe to the ground in the first place. The Soviet Union’s strategic thinking at the time was to rely on the small European countries to contain the United States, thus achieving the goal of letting the United States not attack the Soviet Union, allowing the United States and the Soviet Union to be on the mainland. Relying on conventional military forces to carry out wars, now Russia relies on nuclear weapons to force the United States to let the United States not even dare to fight with Russia in conventional wars.

Russia attaches great importance to its nuclear weapons, and the normal maintenance of the Air Force and the Army when the Russian Rocket Army renewed its equipment. It’s hard to bear, and the Navy has never built a large warship. Even the country’s aircraft carriers can’t rest. Russia’s so much effort is naturally because they rely on their own rocket army. According to the US think tank, at least most of Russia’s analysis. Nuclear weapons are aimed at the major cities of the United States. This change in Russia has made the United States tremble with Russia.