Russian weapons detained on Ukrainian ships loaded with weapons and ammunition

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Russian weapons detained on Ukrainian ships loaded with weapons and ammunition

2018-11-28 00:25:43 158 ℃

According to the news released by the Russian Federal Security Service, on November 25, the Ukrainian Navy’s two gunships and one tugboat were not formed. It was declared that it broke into the Russian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait, and did not regard the Russian Border Defense Administration and the Black Sea Fleet accompanying the ship as dangerous as the legal requirements of the ship, and carried out dangerous maneuvers in the Russian territorial waters. Subsequently, the Russian patrol boat hit and fired, and all three Ukrainian vessels and crew members were detained by the Russians. After the incident, Ukraine accused the Russian side of violating international law. The Russian side responded that the Ukrainian vessel was arbitrarily arbitrarily obsessed with the Russian territorial waters and refused to comply with the Russian legal requirements, which was a deliberate provocation.

It is reported that after the three Ukrainian naval vessels were detained, they were all taken to Kerch Harbor. The Russian Border Administration staff conducted a careful search of three vessels and found a large number of weapons and ammunition from the vessel. A few days ago, Russia’s state-owned television station Russia-1 announced the weapons and ammunition pictures of the Russian Border Control Agency personnel from three ships. The machine guns and automatic rifles can be seen in the picture, as well as a large number of ammunition. The picture shows the weapons and ammunition found on the tugboat.

According to common sense, the three detained vessels belong to the Ukrainian Navy, and all the personnel on board are Ukraine. The naval soldiers, plus two of them are also gunboats, so carrying weapons is not surprising. But the number of weapons and ammunition carried on the three ships seems to be a bit too much. The picture shows the automatic rifle found on the tugboat and the magazine bag filled with magazines.

Know that three Ukrainian ships were originally planned to move from Odessa Port to Mariupo on the Azov Sea coast Port of Seoul, the entire scheduled route is near the coast of Ukraine and Russia, rather than in the open sea or unstable areas, and will not encounter a deadly threat. Therefore, carrying such a large amount of ammunition and weapons such as heavy machine guns will inevitably lead to people's conjecture. The picture shows a bomb bag filled with magazines.

According to the latest video of the Russian Federal Security Service’s interrogation of detained Ukrainian naval personnel, Ukraine The naval vessel’s intrusion into Russian territorial waters was deliberate, and the Ukrainian soldiers on board claimed to have entered the Russian territorial waters after they had obtained direct orders from the Kiev authorities. The picture shows heavy machine guns and rifle shells found on the tugboat, most of which have not yet been opened.

In addition, the detained Ukrainian military also stated that the Russian border authority and the Black Sea Fleet accompany the ship to use the station. When they issued the request for suspension, they deliberately chose to ignore the demands issued by the Russian side and continue to carry out provocative and large-scale maneuvers in the Russian territorial waters. The picture shows the Ukrainian naval gunboat detained in Kerch Harbor. The deck behind the 30mm automatic gun is placed in a box of shells that were found by the Russians.

The Russian Federal Security Service also pointed out that the provocation of these three Ukrainian naval vessels was carried out by two national security from Ukraine. The SBU agents coordinated and the two SBU agents were on board. After the Russian patrol boat opened fire to stop three ships, the two agents were also detained by Russia like everyone else. The picture shows the 30mm shells and 12.7mm heavy machine gun bullets that were found.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the provocative behavior of Ukrainian naval vessels in the waters near the Kerch Strait is clearly The purpose of planning is to make the situation in the region tense, to create excuses for other countries to increase sanctions against Russia, and to shift the attention of Ukrainian domestic people to domestic contradictions. The picture shows the shells found on the Ukrainian running boat.

At present, it is not certain how the incident will be resolved. The UN Security Council has held an emergency meeting on this matter, but failed to discuss the solution. The United States and NATO, the European Union and other countries support Ukraine one-sidedly and demand that Russia immediately release the detained Ukrainian ships and personnel. The Russian side insisted that the actions of the party in the Kerch Strait fully abide by international law and relevant Russian laws and protested to the Ukrainian authorities. The Ukrainian president has announced that Ukraine has entered a 30-day war since the 9th of the 28th. The picture shows the shelled shells that were found on the Ukrainian running boat. (Edit: LWC)