Don't go, the reporters are laughing.

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Don't go, the reporters are laughing.

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Original title: Don't go... The reporters are laughing at the scene

[Text/Observer Net Gu Zhixuan]

The British "Daily Mail" reported on December 2 It is said that Trump seems to be eager to leave the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Local time Friday (November 30th), during the summit photo session, Trump and Argentina's President Mauricio Macri shook hands and walked straight down the stage. According to the plan, the two leaders should stay on the stage for a while and take photos with other leaders.

A staff member saw him and chased Trump forward, leaving Markley alone and helplessly turned around on the stage.

Seeing this scene, the reporters present also laughed.

Trump has said something outside the camera, "Let me leave here."

Video/Observer Network Wang Kerong

Special Rump "sells" weapons Argentina: no money, no buys

Observer Network notes that although Trump and Markley reached a series of agreements during the summit, including infrastructure And investment in energy projects, but the United States tried to sell weapons to Argentina but was rejected.

According to a report by the US Newsweek on November 30th, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie told reporters that the two countries discussed many issues during the closed meeting.

Although the meeting is said to involve the possibility of arms sales in the United States, the Argentine side emphasized that the country has no budget to purchase.

The Argentine "Clarion" quoted Frye as saying that at present, Argentina is not at the best time to buy military equipment from anywhere.

"Newsweek" quoted local media in Argentina as saying that after Trump and Markley met, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Argentina’s Minister of Finance and Energy signed an agreement to promote the energy sector. Cooperation and identify “trade and investment opportunities” in the field.

Habitual "God"

The Daily Mail reported that Trump was in a hurry The departure from the stage is already the second "embarrassing state" of his current G20 summit. The president seems to be not interested in the nuances of diplomatic etiquette.

Earlier on the 30th, Trump and Markley stood side by side with the presidential president of Argentina, but the former seemed to have difficulty understanding the translations that came out of the headphones.

When Marky cordially greeted him in Spanish, Trump threw his translation headphones on the floor and said to the Argentine president, "I still listen to you than this thing (translation machine). It's better to understand."

"Daily Mail" video screenshots

A few minutes before losing the headset, Trump seemed to be panicking about the translation - he stuffed the earphone into his ear, nodded slightly, a distracted, serious look, and Markley praised him. .

"This is a great opportunity to thank you, thank you to the United States and your government for their tremendous support, especially in the past year. We have experienced some difficult times," said Markley.

But Trump didn't seem to understand too much. His ears were stuck on the headphones, his face was sore, and he had little reaction to Mark's friendly words.

"Daily Mail" report screenshot

"Daily Mail" pointed out that Rump has a history of “deafness” and often “goes out” at the event.

During Trump’s visit to Israel in May 2017, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out and shook hands with him and prepared to take a group photo, Trump ignored it and got up and left. Was "received back" by the staff.

Ruplty video screenshots

In July of the same year, Trump was on his way to Poland. Andrews Air Force Base stayed. After getting off the plane, he turned a blind eye to the presidential team in front of him and headed for the other direction of the apron. The Secret Service staff had to stop him and lead him back to the car.

Fox News Video Screenshot < /p>

After speaking in Poland, Trump walked away from the bullet-proof glass and walked aimlessly on the stage. He didn't seem to know where to go.

White House video screenshots

Then it happened at the White House on October 12 last year. Trump convened a number of government officials to sign an executive order. After the speech was delivered and shaken hands with the guests, Trump planned to leave directly. Vice President Peng Si stood up and reminded him that the word had not been signed yet.