Why does Abe want to be a mediator between China and the United States? Japanese media: not only shows the sense of existence

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Why does Abe want to be a mediator between China and the United States? Japanese media: not only shows the sense of existence

2018-12-05 10:25:24 368 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 5 Japanese media said that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed a leading position in promoting free trade at the G20 summit and established with Trump. China, which has a good relationship and is concerned about the US response, is also very close to Japan.

According to Kyodo News, Abe held talks with Chinese and American leaders in Argentina on December 1st, seeking to resolve the issue through dialogue and intending to maintain a free and fair trade system. Before the direct talks, Abe seems to be interested in using the good relations with China and the United States as "mediators", thus showing the presence of the chairman of the next G20 summit.

Abe and Trump are discussing the expansion of trade and investment as soon as the Japan-US trade negotiations start as soon as possible in January next year. In the case of China, it is agreed to urge them to play a constructive role in the international community. Policy.

The "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" website said on December 3 that since the Japan-US-Japan-China summit meeting was scheduled to be held before the Sino-US summit, Abe’s statement on the use of "constructive role" by the Chinese and US leaders The two sides are called on to make concessions to each other and show Trump that it will cooperate with the reduction of the US trade deficit with Japan. Abe also pointed out that "as the world's largest and second largest economy, China and the United States are crucial to building a relationship that promotes stable growth and development of the world economy."

The report said that Abe’s role as a calm response to China and the United States was because Abe established a long-term regime in the G20 summit, which is more concerned than the German Chancellor Merkel who has reduced cohesion. . In addition, focusing on China, Japan and the United States have confirmed close cooperation on the level of security, and Japan’s role as a middleman is also a reality.

In June 2019, the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan will be held. This will be the first time the G20 summit will be held in Japan, and Abe will be the chairman of the summit. For the Abe regime, the summit is a stage for promoting diplomatic achievements and for the long-term political power. Therefore, Abe hopes to deepen relations with heads of state at the summit and promote the success of the summit next year.

The report said that for Abe, the most worrying thing is that Japan-US trade friction has been affected by Sino-US trade friction. Japan is the third-largest source of trade deficit in the United States after China and Mexico, so it is necessary to avoid Trump’s pointing to Japan.