Clean up the portal? Trump’s master decided to go out and clean up the guy who bullied the ancestors.

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Clean up the portal? Trump’s master decided to go out and clean up the guy who bullied the ancestors.

2018-12-05 10:25:27 891 ℃

Trump hates the media the most, and the media is thrown into the mouth by Trump. However, who knows that CNN President Zach Jeff Zucker turned out to be Trump's "master", and it was Zach who trained Trump to become a TV star.

Apprentices, disciples, flying up!

No matter what the Chinese translation name is, the English version of this TV series was called The Apprentice. It used to be The popular show of NBC TV in the United States. As the president of NBC, Zach personally selected Trump, the bragging king who best suited this program, to serve as the host of the "Disciple" program. With the successful broadcast of the show, Trump has transformed from a real estate businessman into a household TV star. This is also a very important experience for Trump to successfully run for the presidency.

Zach, no doubt Trump's master

Although the United States does not have a day as a teacher and a lifelong father, but pointing to the master's nose three times a day, can still be classified as a bully ancestor . In 2013, after leaving NBC, Zach took over the global president of CNN, the CNN that Trump regarded as the "fake news".

Even in the early stages of the 2016 US presidential election, CNN also took a look at Trump's big mouth features, giving Trump a lot of exposure and improving his ratings. I just didn't expect Trump to be more prosperous and finally became the president of the United States.

Since Trump became president, he and CNN have joined the team and screamed CNN fake news every day. A few days ago, because of the conflict with CNN resident White House reporter Acoste, he directly confiscated the White House interview certificate.

For Trump, CNN is the best of fake news; and for CNN who knows Trump's details, Trump is a big mouth that doesn't talk.

Trump, you are waiting, the master is going to clean you up

< p>Zach yesterday (December 3, 2018) said in an interview with American television: I am very interested in politics!

In history, Zach has rejected the opportunity of being a Democratic candidate, Ai Gao, to run for the US Vice President. This time, Zach said that he wants to go out of politics, and his goal is obviously aimed at his own "disciple" Trump.

Zach said: "CNN's job is to reflect the facts and insist on telling the truth. Sometimes, telling the truth is equivalent to anti-Trump!"

Zach’s attitude and position have been clarified. In 2020, is the US presidential election likely to be a battle to clear the door?