Trump has repeatedly criticized the country and now suddenly sends a letter of help to him.

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Trump has repeatedly criticized the country and now suddenly sends a letter of help to him.

2018-12-05 20:25:17 488 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 5 In the past two days, the Trump administration suddenly issued a letter of help, and the "receiver" of this letter was just a few days ago with the US government. A Pakistani relationship.

The Pakistani government said on the 3rd that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan received a letter from US President Donald Trump on the same day that the United States asked Pakistan to help bring peace negotiations in Afghanistan to end the incident. A protracted war.

Pakistan’s Minister of Information, Favard Chowdhury, said that Trump also spoke of the importance of relations between the United States and Pakistan, saying that the US-Pakistan relationship is seeking for the United States and The war in Afghanistan is "very important."

The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement confirming receipt of a letter from Trump.

The media noticed that Trump’s statement in the letter was very different from his previous comments on Pakistan. Trump has repeatedly publicly criticized Pakistan for its ineffective anti-terrorism. "With American money, it does not work for the United States." The US government has also taken the initiative to cut off security aid to Pakistan.

Why did Trump suddenly "lower down" to ask for help from Pakistan? Yan Daming, a researcher at the National Development and Strategy Institute of Renmin University of China, analyzed in an interview with Reference News. Trump sent this "assistance letter" to Pakistan, which is an adjustment of the United States with a view to the region. For a long time, Pakistan has given the United States great support and cooperation in advancing the settlement of the Afghan issue. The United States has sought Pakistan’s assistance in advancing the solution of this issue, which has continued the past. A few months ago, Pakistan had just completed the government change. Therefore, the Trump administration also hopes to take this opportunity to seek new opportunities for cooperation with the Palestinians, to resume possible interaction with the Palestinians in the region on issues such as anti-terrorism, and to strengthen Afghanistan. The advancement of the process will lay the foundation for the next step of the US Middle East policy and the adjustment of the Iraqi policy. At the same time, the promotion of US-Pakistan cooperation is also in the interests of Pakistan. If the Afghan issue is successfully resolved, it will help the Palestinian side to have a more stable surrounding environment.

刁大明 further stated that the reason why the United States attaches great importance to Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan is not unrelated to some realistic factors. On the one hand, if we want to truly solve the Afghan problem, we cannot do without the cooperation and assistance of the Palestinian side. On the other hand, the logistical supply route of the United States in Afghanistan is realized through Pakistan.

The public opinion observed that the Pakistani side also gave a positive response to the US show. The Pakistani side stated in its statement that Pakistan has always supported the end of the war in Afghanistan through political negotiations and is willing to provide assistance for the peace process in Afghanistan.

However, in the past, in the field of counter-terrorism, although the United States and Pakistan maintained a good interaction, Trump made some heated remarks after serving as president, which once caused damage to US-Pakistan relations. After all, as the frontier of counter-terrorism, the Palestinian side itself is deeply affected by terrorism. The Trump administration’s ignoring the efforts of the Palestinian side to fight terrorism has already made the Palestinian side feel guilty. Now, a letter of help can make the two countries "reconciled as ever"?

In this regard, Zhai Daming believes that even if the Trump administration intends to ease the relationship with the Palestinian side, at most it may only restore the relationship to the past and it will be difficult to go further. At the same time, the Pakistani side also needs to "listen to its words and see its actions". In the next step, how much sincerity the US can produce will directly affect the future relationship between the two countries and the advancement of the Afghan process. (End)