For the dragon to start fire again, Azerbaijan Iran and Malaysia have considered buying

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For the dragon to start fire again, Azerbaijan Iran and Malaysia have considered buying

2018-12-05 20:25:17 244 ℃

Pakistan is negotiating with Azerbaijan to sell JF-17


According to Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan is negotiating with Pakistan on the sale of JF-17, which is "close to an agreement." Azerbaijan is expected to become the fourth country to equip JF-17 after Pakistan, Myanmar and Nigeria. At present, Myanmar and Nigeria have arrived to fly, and Malaysia, Iran and others have expressed their willingness to purchase.

Azerbaijan purchased the JF-17 BLOCK II+ version, the main system is equivalent to the Block II, but it is possible to replace the phased array radar.

So far, the JF-17 has accumulated more than 40,000 flight hours and equipped with nearly 100 aircraft.

The JF-17 Block II aircraft has many advantages, one of which has the most important advantage of having an air refueling capability. The aircraft's airborne equipment and radio electronic defense system have been upgraded and equipped with AESA radar, and Azerbaijan is currently considering whether to use AESA radar.

Before Azerbaijan, Iran also said it would consider buying JF-17.

On November 27, 2018, the Iranian Air Force stated that it was considering the JF-17 fighter jets of the China-Pakistan joint.

However, Iran was lifted by the UN arms embargo in October 2020. After the lifting of the ban, Iran urgently needs to import fighters - and replace the aging fighters.


I did not have a fancy JF-17 fighter in Iran, in 2016 At the beginning of the year, the Russian media reported that Iran and China reached an $8 billion arms deal agreement on the J-10, which was often quoted by major headlines. However, there is no news so far, and it seems that it should be untrue. The dramatic change was that an Iranian unmanned aircraft "missed into" Pakistani airspace in June 2017. As a result, the air-to-air missiles launched by the Pakistani Air Force Dragon fighters were clean and beautiful, and Iran had enough confidence in the JF-17.

The price of JF-17 is smaller than that of J-10 and Su-30. Considering the pressure and later costs of the Iranian economy, especially the Iranian Air Force is said to have insufficient long-term funds. Therefore, JF-17 has a large Advantages, for Iran, it is also possible to obtain technology transfer, because the country is often subject to international sanctions, and more need to transfer fighter manufacturing technology.

For Pakistan, selling JF-17 to Iran is one thing; approving the sale will be another matter. It will not be completed, and remains to be seen.

Malaysia has shown interest in Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter jets

The Malaysian Defense Minister has exposed the scandal: only four Su-30MKIs are flying in the Air Force and are considering importing fighter jets. The Malaysian Air Force has 18 Su-30MKIs and 8 US F-18s. They are now aging and retired. They plan to purchase 36 to 40 new fighters with a budget of US$1.84 billion to US$2.46 billion to equip 3 new ones. Fighter squadron.


Malaysia’s production at Pakistan at the Defense Equipment Exhibition held in Pakistan and Thailand The JF-17 fighters expressed great interest and it is reported that Malaysian military officials have an important position among visitors this year.

The Commander of the Royal Malaysian Air Force said happily: "We are participating in the Pakistan Defense Exhibition for the first time. We are very impressed with the standards of the exhibition, especially Pakistan has made remarkable progress in the field of aircraft manufacturing." /p>

It is not clear whether Malaysia has plans to buy this aircraft.

This year, the Pakistan Air Force has made great efforts on the JF-17 export, flying twice to the overseas air show. The first time was in the Radom air show in Poland in late August. Two JF-17s appeared in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Polish Air Force.

The second time was in November in Zhuhai. At the China International Aerospace Exhibition, the Pakistani Army flew over thousands of kilometers in China and stopped at three bases, including two night stops, and arrived on October 31 to interact with the enthusiastic Chinese audience. The detachment was in November. Return to Pakistan on the 13th.

Why is the JF-17 fighter jet getting better and better in the international market

< p>Myanmar version JF-17

Personally believe that although the third world air force is tight, it still requires high The three-generation machine, the American F-16 is not only tens of millions of dollars, but also political conditions. As for the European gusts and typhoons, it is more expensive than the F-16 and even the F35. India’s 36 gusts cost 7.8 billion euros. The sky-high price has been approved by greedy corruption and kickbacks, making India’s family gray-headed. Russian-made fighters, you don’t say, maintenance is not easy.

In fact, modern fighters, especially the third-generation aircraft, are not The second-generation machine is as cheap as it is, so more and more countries can't afford more advanced fighters and can't afford the cost.

Whoever buys the 1-2 million dollars from the American countries? F35 or gust typhoon, even the PLA self-use version J20 is very expensive.

CM-400AKG supersonic cruise Missiles

The CM-400AKG supersonic cruise missile developed by China has been fitted to the JF-17 for test flight. The supersonic cruise missile has a total length of 5.2 meters, a maximum range of 240 kilometers and a maximum speed of Mach 4. In 2013 At the Dubai Air Show, China showed the missile for the first time. The JF-17 is equipped with phased array radar and Chinese supersonics. In addition to the voyage and plug-in capabilities, the missile completely kills the F-16. It is absolutely tall on one screen and three displays. It can also be refueled in the air. It is really good for the Third World Air Force.

The export is optimistic, the only future Worry may be that Pakistan Airways' production capacity can't keep up.

If Azerbaijan buys BLOCK 2+, Pakistan Airlines must not only meet its own air force needs, but also meet the needs of current customers: Myanmar Air Force and Nepal Julia Air Force.

So Batin is building a production line to increase production capacity.

The Pakistani Railway is of course very happy to see that China and Pakistan can work together to build the best aircraft in the world.

The best way to export the next generation of fighters is that, based on the continued cooperation between China and Pakistan, the Pakistani brothers and many other developing countries can develop stealth aircraft based on the J-20. Can afford the cost without losing its powerful combat capability.