Do you want to start playing? In spite of Iran’s strong warning, the US aircraft carrier broke into the Persian Gulf!

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Do you want to start playing? In spite of Iran’s strong warning, the US aircraft carrier broke into the Persian Gulf!

2018-12-05 20:25:22 182 ℃

Speaking of Iran, the first impression is like a Middle Eastern local tyrant. It is rich in oil resources, vast in geography, and close to the Persian Gulf. It has a sea transportation route like the Strait of Hormuz that is envied by all countries in the world. It's hard to put people in the ranks of a poor country. The backwardness of Iran’s economic industry is of course inseparable from the United States’ blockade of sanctions against Iran. Earlier, the United States and Iraq spoke on sanctions and anti-sanctions. After the recent Iranian test of ballistic missiles, the fierce rhetoric of both sides heated up rapidly.

December 4, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the US Navy’s fleet will enter the Persian Gulf in the next few days. Iran shows the use of force. In November, the US Central Command had requested the Pentagon to deploy an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to deal with possible military actions by Iran under US sanctions, but the Pentagon refused. The request is clearly that the Pentagon has compromised. It is also reported that the US John Stanislav aircraft carrier and other ship fleets will enter the Middle East waters this week. And the Stanis aircraft carrier is likely to spend most of its time in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

It is clear that the US action is in response to the threat of Iran launching ballistic missiles. However, the Iranian people’s 40-year blockade of sanctions against the United States has already made Iranians hate the United States. If the US aircraft carrier enters the Persian Gulf, the two sides have acted aggressively, and the United States will really fight against Iran. ? However, it seems that the US aircraft carrier battle group is in a state of turmoil, but the United States has to think twice before launching a war against Iran.

First of all, unlike the former Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran is the leading country with comprehensive strength in the Middle East. The military industry can not only independently manufacture military products such as destroyers, fighters, armored vehicles, and radars, but also recently launched self-developed ballistic missiles, becoming the only missile power in the Middle East. Moreover, Iran has a vast territory and a complex landscape. If the United States launches a war, it is difficult for US ground forces to carry out effective attacks. Instead, Iran used its favorable terrain to carry out guerrilla warfare against the US military and dragged down the US military. Therefore, Iran’s strength cannot be underestimated.

Secondly, the United States has not yet emerged from the quagmire of several previous wars, and its military spending is huge. At present, the amount of debt in the United States has reached 21.7 trillion US dollars. If it grows at this rate, it is expected to increase further in the next 10 years, and will reach 25.5 trillion US dollars in 2027. If the United States launches the Iranian war, the United States will add another sum to such a huge debt, and the cost of military expenditure cannot be estimated. And the ongoing war has caused the wave of anti-war in the United States to rise and fall. Therefore, the high debts of the United States and the anti-war sentiment of the people also do not allow the United States to go to war.

Third times, Iran is a big country importing and exporting oil. The US blockade sanctions have affected the interests of some EU countries. The voice against the United States is even more overwhelming. Moreover, the five major powers are strong in Iran and safeguard the Iranian nuclear agreement. The United States opposes Iran and is openly enemies with the five major powers. Moreover, Iran will not be isolated on the battlefield. In the Syrian civil war, Iran and Syria and Russia are already military alliances. Once Iran is in crisis, it is certain that Russia will not care for its allies.

So, even if the US aircraft carrier enters the Persian Gulf and makes an aggressive situation, the United States will not be light. The words attacked Iran, because it was more helpless and helpless. The soldiers will not have any good endings.