Xiao Rui said | Today, Trump is banned...

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Xiao Rui said | Today, Trump is banned...

2018-12-06 00:25:22 184 ℃

Reference News Network reported on December 5th (text / Xiao Rui)

Not on Twitter, but at the funeral of Bush.

On the 5th, local time, Beijing time tonight, the funeral of former US President George W. Bush will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington.

On occasions where political parties gathered, Trump had no chance to speak.

In fact, at the memorial service held on the 3rd local time, the Trumps and the couple have already paid tribute to the old Bush, who was at the congressional rotunda where the coffin was parked.

That time, he did not speak. Although the eulogy of the US Embassy in China was later published by Trump, it was Vice President Peng Si who mourned the scene on behalf of the cabinet.

When he left, Trump faced a military coffin in the face of Bush’s coffin. Then I turned and walked away.

December 3, in Washington, DC, US President Trump and his wife Melanie mourned before the United States President George Herbert Walker Bush (Old Bush). (Xinhua News Agency / Associated Press)

The media said that he only stayed for less than 2 minutes.

Yes, he kept silent throughout the game. Whether it is a tribute on the 3rd, or the upcoming funeral scene on the 5th.

He did not express his desire to "speak".

When the 41st President of the United States, George W. Bush, died on November 30, he repeatedly mentioned that "it is expected to pay tribute to President George W. Bush with the Bush family."

But the Bush family allowed Trump to attend Bush’s funeral, but he was not allowed to speak at the funeral.

That is to say, during the mourning funeral of Bush, during his time in Washington, Trump was really "banned."

Although he gave the former president all the courtesy: the first time he decided to mourn the country, returning from the G20 venue in Argentina, and sending the presidential plane "Air Force One" to Houston to receive the Bush’s coffin in Washington.

Social media also circulated a photo of Trump "hiding" behind the pillars of the Capitol. It seems that he is hiding behind him and watching the old Bush’s hearse. Photo.

He may not really be hiding, but for Trump, who has always seen his face more than anything else, desolate, at least one of the moods at the time.

The past presidential funeral was made by the current president. According to US media reports, those who plan to address the funeral on the 5th include not only Bush, but also former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former US Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, and Bush’s biographer Joe. En Micham.

There is no Trump.

US media said that the 94-year-old Bush had a good friendship with the four former presidents before his death. He only had a rare intersection with one person. He is the current President Trump.

Someone said that it seems that during the 2016 general election campaign, Trump, who did not take the door, offended the Bush family. In that general election, Bush had described Trump as "Big King" and "arrogant madness" and finally decided to vote for Hillary.

Some people also said that the Bush family only hopes that President Bush can walk quietly. I am really afraid that Trump should say something that should not be said. Simply let him say it.

But, this mouthless person still said.

Not at the scene, but on his Twitter typography.

"Old Bush’s achievements are great from beginning to end. He is a truly remarkable person and will be missed by everyone." This is the tweet made by Trump the next day after Bush’s death.