Three US troops stationed in Afghanistan were blown up. Trump hurriedly shouted: We are not playing.

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Three US troops stationed in Afghanistan were blown up. Trump hurriedly shouted: We are not playing.

2018-12-07 00:25:18 79 ℃

Afghanistan is known as the "empire cemetery". It was preceded by the British Empire and the giant Soviet Union. It was all beaten here. The United States seems to have to step into the footsteps of these two countries. According to recent reports from the US media, a roadside bomb attack occurred near Ghazni in the southeastern province of Afghanistan on November 27th. Three US soldiers patrolling were killed on the spot, and three others were injured. One of the injured people died in recent days. This is the most serious attack that has taken place this year. It is worth noting that just a few days before the attack, a US soldier was killed in a crossfire with Al Qaeda.

The United States has now fought in Afghanistan for more than 17 years, spending $300 billion, and casualties have reached 10,000. Many people. In this case, the troops should have been withdrawn earlier, but when Trump took office, he overthrew Obama’s withdrawal plan and continued to increase his troops in Afghanistan. In the process of increasing troops, the US military has also increased its crackdown and even caused some civilian casualties. According to United Nations statistics, about 7,000 Afghan civilians were killed in the first three quarters of this year, which is simply damaging. It seems that the so-called anti-terrorism in the United States has not brought about democracy and freedom, but has also brought about continuous unrest.

In this form, the revived Taliban has increased the attack, making the US and Afghan government forces a little tricky. I couldn't stand it, I had to give up some of the fringe and retreat to some traffic. In mid-November, the United States could not stand the pressure and released a signal of peace talks with the Taliban, but the latter was not satisfied with the date given by the United States. But this at least shows that the United States is willing to give in. In the eyes of the US high-level, as long as the Taliban agrees to the conditions proposed by the United States, such as the recognition of the existence of the US military base in Afghanistan, the US military does not mind letting the Taliban return to power. In fact, the Taliban was overthrown by the United States. In the previous anti-terrorist actions, the Taliban and Al Qaeda were the focus of the US military's attack. They did not say that they must distinguish the two.

However, the Taliban militants are stronger in the Vietnam War and have the ability to attack the enemy. In recent years, they have expanded their territory and population. Under this circumstance, the US military is very hard to deal with the Taliban. Moreover, the US military has already eliminated Osama bin Laden. If the vengeance of 911 is reported, there is no need to waste resources in Afghanistan. Therefore, the United States has released a peace talk signal, as long as the Taliban agrees to the conditions. However, the unilateral negotiations in the United States have annoyed some pro-Afghan government officials. They are not accustomed to the United States and the Taliban, so they took risks and joined the extremist organizations to continue to cause trouble to the US military.

For example, in October this year, the security chief of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan was killed on the spot by a lurking bodyguard. The highest commander of Afghanistan was almost killed in the meeting. This shows that Trump’s move to Afghanistan has failed, and Trump has to start to adjust his strategy and deal with the Taliban with softness. However, this unilateral circumvention of the Afghan government’s negotiations will only aggravate the contradictions between the two sides and is tantamount to solving the problem. Frankly speaking, the US military should withdraw from Afghanistan earlier and let the Afghans solve their own problems instead of realizing their hegemonic ambitions and let the Afghans suffer the pain of not seeing their heads. This incident of US casualties is equivalent to sounding an alarm for the United States. This place is not a place for foreigners to stay. The United Kingdom cannot do it. The Soviet Union can’t do it. Americans can’t.