Playing tricks! Poroshenko just cheered on the Ukrainian army, Russia directly played a trick

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Playing tricks! Poroshenko just cheered on the Ukrainian army, Russia directly played a trick

2018-12-07 20:25:34 193 ℃

Kiev, Ukraine, mother's motherland monument

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Whatever you lose, you can’t lose in the momentum!

Since the "Crimea arrests the ship", Poroshenko has issued a number of strange rules, first to implement the "wartime state" for the first time, the blood of the entire Ukrainian 42 million people Directly full, followed by Russia and thoroughly draw the boundaries of the composition, to create the most extreme national hostility, and finally to seek help from NATO in a "call" way, trying to give Putin a look.

A set of Tai Chi Chuan, the dream of "transfer election" was forcibly broken by the lawmakers. The population flowing out to Russia is far greater than the inflow. What is even more arrogant is that NATO is really a trick, even if it is one. None of the ships were sent. In this snowy season, the atmosphere is so bright...

Proshenko found that the "arms of war" said that it has not been confirmed at all, Russia has not been shackled, but also before Have a stronger momentum. So I was born with a plan and came up with a solution!

Ukrainian soldiers: recruited on the opposite side, giving 4 times the salary, and tidy up.

As we all know, under the leadership of Putin in the past ten years, Russia has already come out from the original economic blockade. Although it is not really developed countries, the state treasury is still sufficient, especially the military. The welfare is tempting at home.

However, Ukraine is different, still the poor, in daily life, it still owes Russia $1.5 billion in natural gas costs. In the military, the salary of each soldier is only 25% of the same level of Russia. Even if it is a platoon leader, it will probably be $300/month.

In order to prevent soldiers from turning their backs, Proshenko publicly announced that when the Russian-Russian war began, it was the time when Ukrainian soldiers raised their wages. The emergence of this "magical" clause can be described as the appearance of a regular military as a mercenary. The soldiers themselves do not know whether it is a good thing or a funeral.

▲Russian military in Crimea

Proshenko’s "Money Reward Act" Not long after the introduction, Russia directly shouted, said to the Ukrainian soldiers: As long as you are willing to come to Crimea to join the army, will directly issue the Russian military standards.

To know that Poroshenko’s temporary salary increase for this group of “mercenaries” is to cooperate with the introduction of a “war tax” that requires all citizens to have 1.5% of their personal income. Dedicated to the country, this is good, short-selling the last treasury of the national treasury, but still do not win Russia next door. Helpless, helpless.

Between Ukraine and Russia, it is probably the difference between the legendary "normal players" and "renminbi players."