This organization is in danger, and the pocket superpower has attacked and swears to smash the "underground Great Wall".

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This organization is in danger, and the pocket superpower has attacked and swears to smash the "underground Great Wall".

2018-12-07 20:25:38 167 ℃

Israel is the only developed country in the Middle East and the most powerful country. It is known as the “pocket superpower”. The population of Israel is mostly Jewish. The west is the Mediterranean Sea, the east is Jordan, and it occupies Jesus, and the geographical location is very sensitive. Jerusalem is the birthplace of the three major religions. Because of the Jewish occupation, this has made the Arab countries in the Middle East who believe in Islam an enemy, and even threatened to erase Israel from the map. Since the founding of the country in 1948, Israel’s powerful enemies have experienced five wars, but on such a land that is mostly covered by deserts, the Jews have become more and more brave, and the level of fighting has soared as if they were opened.

According to Russian media reports on December 4, Israel claims to be carrying out a northern border region bordering Lebanon in the north of the country. An operation codenamed "Northern Shield" to find and destroy all the tunnels that Hezbollah used to penetrate into the territory. According to relevant information, Israel does not have any plans to send troops to Lebanon. It only seeks the tunnels that Hezbollah excavated at the border, and hopes that Beirut will not take attacks.

Speaking of Hezbollah in Lebanon, it is not a party in Lebanon, but a political armed organization of Iran’s Yeshe faction in other countries. In 1982, the Lebanese invaded Israel in the south of the country in Iran. With the help of the help of all aspects of Iran, it is currently the most influential party in Lebanon. Therefore, the Hezbollah in Lebanon is actually a time bomb that Iran has arranged around Israel, and it is harassed from time to time. The problem came out. From a geographical perspective, Israel and Iran have no territorial boundaries and are far apart. Why are the two families so incompetent?

First of all, they are religious issues. Israel is mainly Jewish, believes in Judaism, and has occupied Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Teach the Holy City of Jerusalem; more than 80% of the Iranian population believes in Islamist Islam, the highest Shiite religious leader controls state power, and Iran is also the leader of Shiite Muslims in the Middle East. Therefore, from a religious point of view, the affiliation of the holy city of Jerusalem is an irreconcilable contradiction between the two. Iran is the largest Islamic Ye Shi country in the Middle East. Therefore, the recapture of the holy city of Jerusalem has always been Iran’s long-cherished wish.

Second, Iran is regarded as the number one power in the Middle East and has always wanted to teach Israel to its own Islamic brothers. Israel has always blocked the resolute opposition to Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, because Israel knows that it is on the verge of Muslims in the Middle East, and there is always the danger of driving Middle East Islam out of the Mediterranean. Iran’s missiles have made it impossible for them to night, let alone nuclear weapons. When Iran once studied nuclear weapons, Israel sent planes to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. Although there is support from the United States, he also has advanced fighters and missile technology, but he is facing the entire Muslim.

Israel has US support in the Middle East, and the rest of the Middle East is a small country. It can be said that Israel is very rampant in the Middle East and whoever wants to fight. This seems to Iran that the Middle East is our Muslim territory and can accommodate you. Moreover, Iran is a big oil country in the Middle East. Because it does not succumb to the hegemony of the United States, the relationship between the United States and Iraq has been deteriorating, causing the US economy to impose sanctions on Iran for 40 years.

And Israel is currently a hardcore ally and spokesperson for the United States in the Middle East, bilateral relations with Iran and the pace of US-Iranian relations Consistent, that is to say, Israel is a nail of the United States in the Middle East, and Iranians certainly will not allow it. Frankly speaking, the contradiction between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran is the contradiction between Israel and the entire Islamic state. It is only over time that the evolution of support behind the United States is more complicated, and it has reached an unreconcilable level. If the situation deteriorates further, both sides will have the possibility of a major war.