Add oil to the fire! The United States ordered Russia to release people immediately, and Putin responded: NATO is not afraid together!

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Add oil to the fire! The United States ordered Russia to release people immediately, and Putin responded: NATO is not afraid together!

2018-12-07 20:25:38 183 ℃
On the surface, Trump did not want to participate in this raging Russian-Uzbek conflict this time, but the United States as a whole still relies on every opportunity to suppress the momentum of Russia. The United States hopes to see Ukraine weaken in this incident. Or distracting the forces of Russia, but the reality is a slap in the face of the United States. 125Day, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency news, senior officials of the US State Department said that if Russia does not release the detained Ukrainian personnel, waiting for Russia is a painful and serious consequence. The official also reiterated the US position on the Kerch Strait incident, and he stressed that Ukraine is not all Crimea, this is a kind of "aggressive behavior" and "obvious" Military escalation and violation of international law and freedom of navigation."

Graphic: The United States has provided Ukraine with a variety of advanced combat weapons, including the Army.

At the same time, NATO Secretary-General said at the just-concluded Brussels ministerial meeting that NATO allies will actually support Ukraine, and Russia should immediately release the seizure Ukrainian personnel and ships. The United States and NATO simultaneously warned Russia that the situation is very serious. Of course, this also sends a clear signal to the outside, the United States and NATO will intervene in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and will not sit on the mountain.

The question is, why should NATO and the United States take the lead in Ukraine? Prior to this, both the United States and NATO only condemned Russia and did not warn Russia. Now, the United States and NATO are stern and the warnings are obvious. Did Poroshenko’s appeal work? It should be noted that after the conflict in the Kerch Strait, Poroshenko rushed to report and asked for help. The outside world once thought that the United States would stand by.

Now that the situation has reversed, Ukraine, which has won support from the United States and NATO, will have enough confidence to counter Russia. In fact, the United States and NATO do this entirely because of their own strategic interests. First, after the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, Ukraine has always been regarded as a buffer zone between the United States and Russia. Both the United States and Russia have achieved their strategic goals by supporting agents. After the conflict in the Kerch Strait, this situation was completely broken. Because Ukrainian President Poroshenko is actively preparing for the fight against the end, forcing NATO and the United States to come forward.

Second, if Russia does not respond, Poroshenko will probably take the opportunity to recover the Crimean Peninsula. The Crimea peninsula, which is currently under actual control by Russia and has a strong appetite for the territory, may easily return the Crimean Peninsula, which is closed to the Black Sea. This has caused the probability of the Russian-Ukrainian war to rise.

Third, for NATO and the United States, the failure to suppress Russia through the Ukrainian crisis in the past, but let Russia achieve a strategic breakthrough. Today, Russia not only controls the Crimean Peninsula, but also enters Syria, making the United States a headache. The outbreak of the conflict in the Kerch Strait has given the United States and NATO an important opportunity to reverse the unfavorable situation.

Frankly speaking, using Ukraine to clamp down Russia and turning the Russian Black Sea Fleet into a lake fleet is the goal that the United States has been pursuing. Of course, if the situation is smooth, the United States can successfully push Russia back to the mainland. If Russia does not leave the Black Sea, it will become a polar bear in the cage. By then, the United States can use its fists to suppress Russia from all sides, just as it killed the Soviet Union.

However, Russia will never let go . It is precisely because of the strategic crisis triggered by the conflict in Kerch, on the one hand, it talks with Japan about the four islands in the north and relieves worries. On the other hand, the deployment of troops will deploy tens of thousands of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. At present, more than 80,000 Russian soldiers and 1,400 artillery pieces have arrived at the border, deterrating Ukraine and the United States behind it. . As long as Uganda has a change, the Russian army will advance into Ukraine at any time and will smash Ukrainian on the ground. ( Author: unknown)