India slammed 500 million orders to anger Israel, and Israel vowed to report a copy of the sky-high price claim

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India slammed 500 million orders to anger Israel, and Israel vowed to report a copy of the sky-high price claim

2018-12-12 10:25:42 296 ℃
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The whole world knows that the miraculous behavior of the open nationality in the military purchase is incomprehensible. This time they have made a big news, this time it is completely noisy with Israel. It is. The matter is actually very simple. India reached an arms deal with Israel in the past, saying that it would purchase 8,000 "Spike" (Spike) anti-tank missiles produced by Israel's Raphael. The agreement will have to buy another 20,000. The total amount of transactions required is $1 billion. As a result, after signing the contract, it was strongly opposed by the Indian military industry. They said that the anti-tank missile is so simple that we can produce it ourselves. Why do we buy foreigners? As a result, the Indian government could not withstand the pressure. First, the number of purchases of 8,000 pieces was excused by Israel. The supply was too slow, and it was reduced to 4,000, or 500 million. The result was dragged to the direct indication that four thousand pieces were not needed today, and the contract was completely yellow.

To know that Israel is a Jewish country, Jews can be said to be the most profitable nation in the world. The most vengeful nation in the world. The open-minded people also thought that it would not be a problem to deal with the overlord contract in other countries, but there is nothing wrong with this in the world. But how can such a good thing happen in this world? Israel said it would impose severe sanctions on Indian companies in the Middle East and would appeal to arbitration. If India can't give high compensation, this is definitely not the case.

[Jews who have experienced the World War II massacre are now a must-see nation]

We know that although Indians send ya to the "opening nation", the Indians are actually a very intelligent nation. If you look at how many Indian executives in Europe and the United States, you know, India is even How do you make such a stupid thing to offend Israel?

In fact, this matter is not so simple. India’s decision to buy a long-nail missile is actually to abandon Russia in India. It was decided in the great political turn to switch to the United States. At that time, India and the United States quickly approached and purchased a large number of advanced weapons and equipment from the United States. The purchase of Israel’s longbow missile was because the US javelin missile was too expensive. Everyone knows what relationship Israel has with the United States, so the deal actually covers the big environment in which India and the United States are approaching. During that time, India and Russia were very unhappy. The brains of the open nation never thought of the middle, and the relationship between the country and the country was like a child. I am not with you, so It is possible to kick off Russia, which has been working on military equipment for many years, and even let Americans go to Russia to rent a nuclear submarine to India. They do not care about Russian feelings.

[Formerly called a small kiss, now Mrs. Niu Niu, Netanyahu did not expect the three pots to love the same face as Trump.

However, the three pots never imagined that they loved to turn their faces and refrain from recognizing the United States. Trump will play this set. Trump has roared the world since he took office, and of course India is no exception. The relationship between the United States and India has cooled rapidly. While Russia has been deeply cultivating in India for many years, the penetration of the Indian military industry and the military is unimaginable in the West. If the Indian army is not allowed to do business with Russia, what are the high-ranking officials in India who have been fattened by arms deals? It’s hard to do the unspoken rules in American equipment, and it’s not like the Russians talking. As a result of the incident of the Russian S400 anti-aircraft missile system, India and the United States once again tore their faces. In such an environment, the deal between India and Israel is naturally not taken for granted.

[Turn around Down, only the trick is true love.

Of course, the reason why India finally canceled the transaction, in fact, has a very strong domestic opposition is doing things. The Indian Defense Research and Development Organization has stated that they can produce the same anti-tank missiles. Indian officials also approved that Israel’s long-nail missiles could not work properly in hot weather. Anyone who thinks a little bit of normal thinking knows that it is a matter of faith to believe in this evil! The long nail series of missiles can be said to be one of the world's top anti-tank missiles, and India's own "Glory" fighters, "Arjun" tanks have become the laughing stock of the world. India's domestically produced goods can be said to be synonymous with hilarity. India says it can be developed. In all likelihood, Russia is behind its backs. We must know that Russia also has the same excellent anti-tank missiles. When it comes time, India will make a sum of money and easily become Indian domestic goods, everyone is happy.

[Russian anti-tank missiles are not bad]

Of course The abolition of the long nail missile will inevitably lead India to the black book of Israel. What is the relationship between Israel and the United States? Trump, the current US president, can be said to be the biggest supporter behind Israel. Is it irritating Israel and making India better? It may be that the nation’s self-righteous savvy approach will ultimately pay a higher price. Of course, Russia is also happy with this situation. After all, the worse the relationship between India and the United States, the better it will be for Russia! If you have any comments, please leave a comment below! Concerned about the WeChat public number: the history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there is a kind of material, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch the full insider interpretation of the political and military history of all war history.