Canada is really bad this time, the United States has to shame!

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Canada is really bad this time, the United States has to shame!

2018-12-12 20:25:43 240 ℃

There is a saying in Mexico: The greatest sorrow in Mexico lies in being too far from God and too close to the United States.

But Canada suddenly found out that hard work as a younger brother, this time it was really pitted, because the United States seems to be smashing.

The recent Meng’s night boat was detained, and everyone should be clear. According to Canada’s official announcement: This does not have a dime relationship with Canada. Meng’s boat is not a Canadian citizen and certainly does not violate Canadian law. The arrest of her is in response to the demands of the United States. It is Huawei’s violation of US sanctions against Iran. make.

People are arrested, but Canada has found that the trouble is getting bigger and bigger. Because they have been detained for ten days, they have just had to bail out Meng Xiazhou, but said that the US extradition application has not been received yet.

So naturally, the Canadian side has suffered tremendous pressure from China.

On December 8, 2018, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yu made an urgent summons to the Canadian ambassador to China, Mai Jia, to make solemn representations and strong protests.

Le Yucheng pointed out that the Canadian side detained Chinese citizens who were transferred to Vancouver in Canada on the grounds of the request of the US, seriously infringing on the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, disregarding the law, and disagreeing with each other. Not tolerant, the nature is extremely bad. The Chinese side strongly urges the Canadian side to immediately release the detainees and effectively protect the legitimate and legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Otherwise, it will have serious consequences, and Canada must bear full responsibility for it.

Please note that the first paragraph of several keywords: emergency summons, strict representation, strong protest.

The strong dissatisfaction is visible.

Moreover, the Deputy Foreign Minister came forward and urgently summoned the Canadian Ambassador to China, which shows the seriousness of the situation and the high concern of the Chinese side.

What makes Canada even more stupid is that Canada has repeatedly said that this is a legal issue and the government does not intervene. But On December 11th, when interviewed by Reuters, Trump said it was very real.

He said this:

If I think this is good for the United States, if I think it would be good for the largest trade agreement ever - - This will be very important, and this will be beneficial to national security - I will of course intervene if necessary.

I think I can talk to China, we have talked with the (US) Justice Department. You know, what happened in this company is not very good, you understand, based on what they did... I want to see what China has asked for, but so far, they have not asked for it.

It’s still a car, but the meaning is very clear:

1, if there are benefits, if the benefits are big enough, and what intervention does not interfere, I will definitely Intervention.

2, Trump seems to be waiting, waiting for China to make a request, but according to him, China has not asked for it.

3, Trump is very friendly. Of course, you can understand Trump's goodwill and don't want to see a woman locked up.

4, of course, according to some friends, it can also be seen as a strategy of the United States. This matter is actually regarded as a bargaining chip by the United States.

It turns out that this is not a simple legal event, it may really be part of the transaction. But Canada, isn’t it a hitter?

So, Nowadays in Canada, it is really difficult to ride a tiger. It is not a person inside or outside.

I might have thought that I had caught the individual, both the host and the chip, and I knew that I finally found out that this is really a hot potato.

The longer you drag, the worse the situation in Canada. Therefore, the recent stock price of Canada Goose is plummeting. If this matter drags on for months or even years, it means that many Canadian companies will suffer innocent disasters, billions of dollars or even more wealth, and they will be wiped out.

Canada, Canada, this kind of stupid thing to take advantage of the fire, I really don't know how you think about it. Now, it’s being swayed by the United States.

Things are not finished yet. Canada, Canada, and the bitter wine that you brew yourself, you have to tear yourself down.