The Russian beauty spy has pleaded guilty and intervened in the actual election of the US election. Putin said nothing

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The Russian beauty spy has pleaded guilty and intervened in the actual election of the US election. Putin said nothing

2018-12-12 20:25:44 293 ℃

After several months of investigation, the "real hammer" of Russia's intervention in the US election has finally arrived?

According to the US media NBC News reported on December 11, the agreement between the prosecution and the defense was reported, and Russian citizen Bujinna would admit to collaborating with others to violate the US foreign agent law. .

The report said that according to the guilty plea agreement, Bujinna would plead guilty to a conspiracy offence. The sentence is 5 years, not the previous 15 years. According to informed sources, the actual sentence may be only half a year, and Bujinna should be repatriated to Russia after the sentence is over. Because from July 2018 to now, Bujinna has been detained for about half a year.

The report pointed out that Bujinna would admit to colluding with a US citizen and attempting to establish a non-US for the interests of Russia and Americans with power and influence over US policy, as directed by a Russian official. Formal communication channels."

Russian citizen Maria Bubina was arrested in the United States in July 2018, accused of acting as a foreign agent, and colluding with others to act as a foreign government agent, but not registered with the US Department of Justice. Bujina’s lawyer said that Bujina did not commit any illegal activities. She studied international relations at a local university, which can fully explain her relationship in the United States.

In addition, according to ABC News, the US has reported that the arrest of Russian citizen Bujina and the procuratorate The agreement was signed on December 8 and will be presented in the next trial. Bujina’s lawyer, Driscoll, declined to comment on the document.

The US court is scheduled to hold a hearing on the Bujina case on December 12.

The former prosecution said that the defendant is negotiating with the investigating agency and is "optimistic" about the possible agreement. The prosecution and the two sides pointed out that Bujinna will still be detained during the consideration of the agreement.

The US Department of Justice issued a message on August 16 this year that Russian female citizen Bujinga was arrested in the United States for allegedly engaging in espionage activities in Russia.

With the arrest and trial, Bujinna’s private life has also received attention. In her 20s, she joined the political arena in her hometown and then entered the political circle of Moscow all the way. But in the end she gave up her political career and founded the Russian gun-armed organization "the right to carry weapons". She even wore leather clothes, high heels, and double-handed guns. On the Russian version of GQ magazine.

Russian satellite news agency reported on December 11 that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian intelligence leaders are ignorant of Russian citizen Maria Bupina, who has been in prison for 15 years in the United States.

Putin said at the Russian President’s Human Rights Committee meeting: "The unfortunate girl was detained and faced 15 years in prison. Why? After I heard about the matter, I went to ask about my country. The leader of the intelligence department asked who this is. No one knows."

Putin added, "Of course There are still some people in the Russian Federation Council who know her, because she has worked for any deputy or someone. She is likely to be sentenced to 15 years in prison for this. What is this? From the very beginning, we are arbitrarily convicted She is 15 years old."

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