In Canada, the United States \"double standard\" was defaced in person

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In Canada, the United States \"double standard\" was defaced in person

2018-12-12 20:25:43 402 ℃

[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing]

According to Reuters news on December 11, Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat and senior adviser to the Northeast Asia, International Crisis Group Recently, he was detained by the Chinese government. At the US State Department’s press conference on the same day, Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee held a confrontation with the spokesperson on the matter.

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Matthew Lee asks At the time, many people thought that this was a revenge against Canada’s detained Chinese company Huawei executives. “How do you evaluate?”

US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Paladino responded that for Canadian citizens in China The United States is deeply concerned about the arrest. "We urge China to end all forms of rude detention and respect the protection and freedom that all individuals receive under China's international human rights and consular commitments."

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Matthew Lee continued to ask, "Would you like to urge the Canadian government to do the same thing?" or "Do you support the Canadian government's arrest and detention?"

This problem seems to be the key point. Paladino said quickly, "I... I didn't understand your question. Can you repeat it?"

Matthew Lee bluntly said, "You seem to be saying, 'If I am wrong, please correct me'". He said that the spokesperson pointed out that it was wrong when he mentioned China’s detention of Canadian diplomats, but did not point out how Canada treated the detained Chinese executives. "You think Canada can do this, but China can't."

Matthew Lee further explained that although there may be many reasons for this, the United States asked Canada to arrest him. "You have no opinion at all?"

After the speaker answered questions, he said A pass was arrested for the "crime" of Meng Zhouzhou.

Matthew Lee still asks questions without hesitation, but don't you think China has a legitimate reason to detain a former Canadian diplomat? The spokesman said that “it is recommended to ask the reasons of the arrest of the Canadian and Chinese governments” and then hurriedly ended the question.

It is understood that Matthew Lee is a well-known journalist in the West and is known for his punctuation in the United States "double standard".

The Lianhe Zaobao reported that Kang Mingkai was a diplomat in Canada and Hong Kong, and also served as a strategic communications expert at the United Nations Headquarters at United Nations Headquarters. Chinese.

The Belgian-based International Crisis Group issued a brief statement that the organization has been informed that Kang Mingkai was detained by the Chinese side and is doing everything possible to obtain more information about Kang Mingkai’s whereabouts and to fight for it as soon as possible and safe. Released.

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