Why did the UN Security Council not hold an emergency meeting when the Sino-Vietnamese war broke out?

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Why did the UN Security Council not hold an emergency meeting when the Sino-Vietnamese war broke out?

2018-12-13 10:25:05 975 ℃

On February 17, 1979, the world was attracted by a news released by China’s Xinhua News Agency. Xinhua News Agency said in a statement issued by the Chinese government: "The Vietnamese authorities have ignored China’s repeated warnings. Recently, they have successively dispatched armed forces, invaded Chinese territory, attacked Chinese border guards and border residents. The situation has deteriorated sharply and threatened. Peace and security in China’s frontiers. The Chinese border guards were forced to fight back when they couldn’t bear it.”

In the early morning, the former People’s Liberation Army’s Kunming Military Region and the Guangzhou Military Region’s former commander commanded 300,000 troops. The border between China and Vietnam in Yunnan Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region launched a full-line counterattack against Vietnam and defended frontier operations. The fierce battles began in the Hekou, Jinping areas of Yunnan Province and the Jingxi, Longzhou and Pingxiang areas of the Guangxi Autonomous Region.

In the afternoon, Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Chen Chu was ordered by the Chinese government and in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter It is stipulated that the Xinhua News Agency’s just-released statement on China’s defense of the frontiers against the Vietnamese aggressors will be submitted to UN Secretary-General Waldheim and the President of the Security Council this month, Abdullah Bishara. Chen Chu requested that this statement be circulated as an official document of the UN Security Council.

He Wenlou, the Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, followed Chen Chu and held a 30-minute meeting with Secretary-General Waldheim to discuss the current developments and submitted the Vietnamese Foreign Minister Wei Weiwei. Emergency letter. He Wenlou also requested that the letter be circulated as a UN document.

阮维祯 said in the letter that Vietnam will resolutely resist and ask Waldheim to "study the situation and take aim to stop it." China and measures to force Chinese troops to withdraw from Vietnam." However, it is worth noting that Wei Weijun did not ask for an immediate meeting of the Security Council in his letter. After the meeting, He Wenlou told reporters that both the Security Council and the Secretary-General have the responsibility to take appropriate measures. The Vietnamese side does not rule out the possibility of requesting the Security Council to hold an emergency meeting on the Sino-Vietnamese war. He said: "It depends entirely on the development of the situation."

A little later, a UN spokesperson said that the Secretary General of Waldheim has cancelled the weekend holiday plan, with the President of the Security Council Abu Dura Bishara held consultations on the situation between China and Vietnam and is studying the current state of affairs. However, the spokesman did not comment on the situation.

The Permanent Representative of the Soviet Union to the United Nations expressed surprise at the fact that Vietnam did not request a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the current situation, but he also said that the Soviet Union The side will not take the initiative, after all, this is the right of Hanoi.

Why does Vietnam not ask the Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the war between China and Vietnam? In fact, the reason is very simple. Because China is one of the permanent members of the Security Council, it can veto any resolution made by the Security Council. As one of the five permanent members, it is such a domineering!