The United States is being slashed in Syria, and the allies are fighting against the largest friendly forces in the United States.

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The United States is being slashed in Syria, and the allies are fighting against the largest friendly forces in the United States.

2018-12-13 10:25:05 483 ℃

When the United States and the Kurdish armed forces, the largest ally in Syria, joined forces to expand the army by 40,000, with the intention of completely splitting and occupying the area east of the Euphrates, they were "slashed behind" from NATO allies. According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on December 12th, Turkish President Erdogan announced on the same day that the Kurdish armed forces east of the Syrian Euphrates River officially began a war. He demanded that the country’s military "completely remove" the "terrorists" in the region. At present, the areas east of the Euphrates River are under the control of the US forces stationed in Syria and the international coalition forces under their leadership. The Turkish side has already made a "final report" to the United States on the decision to go to war.

Erdogan said that the time has come to completely eliminate the Kurdish "terrorists" east of the Syrian Euphrates River. He stressed that Turkey has never opposed the United States and the US military. The United States has always been a strategic partner of Turkey. However, the huge differences and contradictions erupted by the Turkish and American countries as a result of the Syrian civil war cannot be evaded and have not been resolved so far. The United States is currently the most important ally in Syria, and it is also the most powerful rebel army Kurdish "democracy army" in Syria. But for Turkey, Kurdish armed forces are synonymous with "split"ism and terrorism.

Two months ago, Erdogan "declared war" against the Syrian Kurdish armed forces, when it did not inform the United States in advance as it is now. The United States subsequently made a series of concessions to Turkey on the situation in Syria, including ordering the Kurdish armed forces to withdraw from the northeastern part of the Syrian Arab Quarter. The US and Turkish forces jointly controlled the area and stopped supporting the Kurdish armed forces in Syria.

However, these concessions seem to be "unrelated" measures in Turkey, with the ultimate goal of completely eradicating Syria. And Kurdish armed groups entrenched in Iraq. The United States, which has been responding to Turkey with the word "drag", has finally been forced into the corner. The reason why the United States refused to support the more than 60-year-old NATO ally, Turkey, was fighting for the Kurdish armed forces that had become an ally for three years because the latter had been attacking the ground when destroying the "Islamic State" forces from northern Iraq to the northeastern part of Syria. Absolutely the main force.

Now, under the military assistance of hundreds of millions of dollars a year in the United States, the Kurdish armed forces have been carefully adjusted by US military instructors and have become the strongest anti-government armed forces in Syria who will not easily challenge. The United States has a bad move with Russia on the Syrian issue and completely lost its initiative. In order not to lose the last words and interests in Syria, the United States is in great need of the powerful "indigenous" allies of Kurdish armed forces.

According to the analysis, Turkey officially started fighting after about two months of declaring war against Kurdish armed forces, that is, it has been with the United States. Negotiations on the trading of the bottom. Shortly after the declaration of war in Turkey, the Turkish artillery units carried out a fierce bombardment of the frontier positions of the Kurdish armed forces on the Euphrates River, causing heavy losses and casualties to the Kurds. But after that, the tens of thousands of troops in Turkey, which were envisioned, did not cross the river to launch an attack. This is ultimately due to the existence of the US military in Syria.

The US media has previously revealed that the US military has intensively established more than 10 military bases in the east of the Syrian Lafayette River, and has designated the area around the base as a restricted area. Non-US military and international coalition personnel will be "killed." Therefore, if the US military does not remove the protection of the Kurdish armed forces, the Turkish army cannot launch any substantive offensive. Otherwise, the Turkish army’s shooting at the Kurdish artillery shells or bullets is equivalent to the US troops stationed in Syria.

The recent signs of a warming relationship between Turkey and the United States are very obvious. The issue of the arrest of the US pastor between the two countries and the purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile by Turkey has either been resolved or an alternative solution is being sought by both parties. The US Pentagon has indicated that major Turkey has given up on the purchase of S-400 missiles, and the US military's various advanced air defense missile weapons can be selected. From the point of view of Turkey before the war against the Kurdish armed forces, the two countries may have reached a new compromise on this major contradiction.