Canada is suffering, the second Canadian is afraid to be arrested by the Chinese!

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Canada is suffering, the second Canadian is afraid to be arrested by the Chinese!

2018-12-13 20:25:08 252 ℃

It is estimated that Canada itself did not expect that the image of the country, which was originally quite good in China, has suddenly plummeted recently.

Moreover, after a wave of unrest and a wave of ups and downs, Canadian citizens continue to be arrested by the Chinese side.

The first is a Canadian citizen, John John Kovrig, who served as a diplomat at the Canadian Embassy in China. According to Chinese media reports, Kang Mingkai was suspected of engaging in activities that endanger China's national security. It was reviewed by the Beijing National Security Bureau on December 10, 2018.

His case is still under review and other cases are coming. Canadian Foreign Minister Cristian Freeland revealed on the 12th that another Canadian may have been arrested in China.

Friedland says:

A Canadian has contacted us because he was China The authorities asked. Since he raised these concerns, we have not been able to reach him.

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According to Freeland, the Canadian government also kept in touch with the families of missing persons, but declined to give more information about the case. She urged Canadians to “keep a high degree of vigilance in China” and pay attention to the instructions posted on the government website.

According to a Canadian media survey, the Canadian, who is not connected, is named Michael Spavor, whose company has just sent some tourists and hockey players to our peninsula neighbors.

For the Canadian government, it is undoubtedly the most troublesome time.

First, the relationship between China and Canada deteriorated due to the arrest of the Mengxizhou incident, but the United States has not submitted an application for extradition, but it is the US President Trump. Said that if this is beneficial to the United States, he can intervene to solve the problem of Meng Xia. Canada can be dumbfounded, hard work as a younger brother, this time it has been pitted, because the United States seems to be smashing.

Second Some Canadian companies have complained, such as the Canadian Goose, a Canadian brand that the Chinese are very optimistic about, and the stock price has plummeted recently. It can be expected that if the incident is not resolved quickly, many Canadian companies will suffer from huge losses and suffer huge losses. They are resentful, this stupid thing for the American fire, I do not know who made the head to decide.

Third At the crucial moment, China also took action. In addition to the public warning: On the evening of December 8, the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng urgently summoned the Canadian ambassador to China, Mai Jialian, to make solemn representations and strong protests. Deputy Minister Le Yucheng also made a swearword: Otherwise, it will have serious consequences, and Canada must bear full responsibility for this.

Of course, the Canadian citizens who were arrested must have been on the ground in China and did inappropriate things. This is different from the Meng Zhouzhou incident, because the Canadian side is also clear that Meng Xiazhou did not violate Canadian law. However, Canada has been strong, and has only agreed to bail so far, and has not released Meng Xiazhou.

But now, the heart of Canada may be harder than Huanglian.