Editorial: Canada should finally restore the freedom of the night boat

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Editorial: Canada should finally restore the freedom of the night boat

2018-12-13 20:25:08 332 ℃

Ms. Meng Zhouzhou was released on bail, which is a positive trend. What the Canadian side should do next is to completely restore Ms. Meng’s freedom and end the incident. We hope that bail blessing is a step towards this goal.

The Canadian side said that the US has not formally proposed the extradition of Meng. If the US does not request extradition within 60 days from the date of the arrest of Meng, she will be released. The ball seems to have kicked the American side. Of course, Washington has an important responsibility for the occurrence of this incident, but the Canadian side has the ability to end the crisis alone. On this issue concerning the legitimate rights and interests of a Chinese and China's judicial sovereignty, Ottawa should not be the only leader in Washington.

Judges have stated that when Ms. Meng’s boat was released on bail, Ms. Meng had no criminal record in China and elsewhere. In this case, the release of her should not be dominated by the US-Canada extradition agreement and the attitude of Washington, but should follow the true legal spirit and conform to the moral norms.

Canada is an independent and sovereign country. Meng Zhouzhou is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China. When she stayed in Canada, she arrested or released her, except to see if she violated Canadian law. The consideration should be Canada’s obligation to China, not its obligations to third countries. This is the logical relationship that Canada should follow as an independent diplomatic body rather than a vassal of other countries.

The global business community’s response to Canada’s request for the arrest of a corporate executive in the United States is negative, and it is believed to increase the uncertainty of the safety of corporate executives in international travel. Such negative reactions have further increased the need for Canada to unconditionally release Ms. Meng Xizhou.

The United States is clear about the United States’ long-armed jurisdiction over the world, in violation of the basic spirit of international law. The Canadian side should not be an accomplice to US hegemonism, but should fulfill its obligations to maintain a normal international order and protect human rights. At the same time, as a diplomatic party of the People's Republic of China, it should not discriminate against the latter's sovereignty and not place the "long arm jurisdiction" of a third country above the basic rights of the People's Republic of China.

Now the United States has not proposed extradition of Meng Xiazhou. Canada has detained Meng and waited for the US to extradite her instructions. It is ridiculous to disregard the basic obligations that must be assumed as an international member. . The United States allows Canada to catch which country it catches, and then buckles people to wait for the United States to say how to deal with it. Is this Canada the 51st state of the United States? Before this, China has always treated and respected Canada as an independent sovereign state.

If Canada ultimately fails to protect its basic responsibility for the safety of Chinese citizens in its territory, does not care about its relationship with China, and insists on extradition to the United States, it will pay for it. We believe that Ottawa should have expected this, and this is also the general expectation of world public opinion.

Reuters and other Western media quoted a statement from the International Crisis Group on the 11th that the organization’s senior adviser to Northeast Asia and former Canadian diplomat Kang Mingkai had been detained in China. On the 12th, China confirmed that Kang Mingkai was suspected of engaging in activities that endangered China's national security and was examined by the Beijing National Security Bureau. Many people have speculated for the first time that this is China’s retaliation against the Meng Zhouzhou incident. However, there is no evidence to establish a connection between these two things. This association of public opinion is obviously because Canada did indeed do it in the Meng Zhou boat incident. Too much, people naturally think that China will take revenge.

It should be noted that the difference between the two is that Meng Zhouzhou is a business person who was arrested in a third country, Canada, and she did not violate any Canadian laws. Kang Mingkai is active in China. He is being legally acted because of his actions here.

The current situation is highly sensitive, and this sensitive source is the US unfair suppression of Huawei and the US-Canada conspiracy to take a surprise attack on Meng Xiazhou. Canada should take practical action to reduce this tension and sensitivity. In addition, it should not be so deeply involved in the US-China game through this matter, it should choose itself and remain neutral between China and the United States.

The next period will be a further negotiation period between China and Canada. We hope that Canada will eventually make a decision that is commensurate with the independent civilized countries and worthy of respect.

Editor: Wang Hao