The situation in Ukraine has changed? Tymoshenko announced his candidacy for the president and will fall to Russia next year

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The situation in Ukraine has changed? Tymoshenko announced his candidacy for the president and will fall to Russia next year

2018-12-15 00:25:28 346 ℃

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▲ Tymoshenko at a young age Known as "Ukrainian gas princess"

For Ukraine, since the pro-Russian president Yanukovych fled in 2014, the days have been difficult. Probably the situation is that although the big brother is poor, but there is still food to eat, after changing the string is a friend is gone. The loss of Crimea, the shortage of supplies, and the constant internal disturbances are all inseparable from the low-ruling ability of Poroshenko. In the face of such a difficult internal affairs, what Poroshenko thinks is not to solve the problem, but to provoke Russia to transfer domestic contradictions, which is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst. The latest support rate statistics show that Poroshenko's polls are less than 8%. As Putin said, Poroshenko will be finished next year. Judging from the current situation, the feng shui turns, and Tymoshenko, who has lost several times, is most likely to come to power. If she comes to power, Ukraine will proactively re-Russian.

▲Putin believes that the slashing of Russia in the Kerch Strait is a measure taken by Poroshenko for the transfer of domestic conflicts. >

A friend who understands the political situation in Ukraine may ask, is Tymoshenko not locked up by Yanukovych, Yanukovich is a hardcore pro-Russian, Tymoshenko If you are also pro-Russian, then wasn’t it the same party? In fact, this view is true, but the evaluation of a politician cannot be seen from whether he is pro-Russian or pro-Western. No matter who is on the stage, they are Ukrainians, and the choice of camp is more to benefit rather than affection. Yanukovych is a hardcore pro-Russian faction. He has a very good relationship with Medvedev and Putin, or is very obedient, so he got support. Tymoshenko was neutral and Russian, and he did not deal with Yanukovych, so he was shut up by Yanukovych. After the fall of Yanukovych, the pro-Western faction released Tymoshenko as evidence of Yanukovich’s political persecution, but did not choose her to go on stage, but chose the hardcore Western-based Poroshenko.

▲ Tymoshenko is not a one-sided person, her ability to govern is obvious compared to others Stronger

Proshenko is like the Gorbachev of the Soviet Union. On the surface, reforming and revitalizing the economy is actually sponsoring with Western Europe and the United States. The key has not yet been drawn. The West is no more than Russia. It is a group of wolves without feelings. They are optimistic about you, just because you have value, and the whole value of Poroshenko is to win the election. After the wave of operations in Poroshenko, Ukraine’s enthusiasm for the West has plummeted, and the pro-Russian faction has even embarked on the path of armed struggle. Tymoshenko announced his participation in the election at this time, and her polls reached three times that of Poroshenko. Both the pro-Russian and pro-Western groups have tried, and Ukraine’s choice is only Tymoshenko. Tymoshenko also did not make any fuss, even in a public meeting, said that if elected to liquidate the crimes committed by Poroshenko, I do not know that Poroshenko’s ability to escape is higher than Yanukovych.

Now the political situation in Ukraine is still on the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Yanukovych, Poroshenko, Tymoshin Branch, they are also oligarchy. However, Tymoshenko was deprived of cleanliness during Yanukovich. If anyone in Ukraine can make up his mind to fight against the oligarchs, it must be hers. Brzezinski’s "Big Chess" believes that the fate of Ukraine and Azerbaijan will affect the United States. Ukraine’s insecurity may lead to a series of political collapses, which will bring great disadvantages to the United States. This is now the case. He also said that if China is regarded as a threat, then China will really become a threat. Unfortunately, Comrade Trump has not given enough attention to this.

▲"It’s not in Ukraine, it’s really a fire in the backyard!"

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