Trump: With Obama giving 150 billion U.S. dollars to Iran, 5 billion will not repair the wall? fact……

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Trump: With Obama giving 150 billion U.S. dollars to Iran, 5 billion will not repair the wall? fact……

2018-12-15 00:25:27 289 ℃

Summary: Accountant Trump: Obama gives $150 billion to Iran. Iran: Only received 29 billion!

[一牛财经], according to the Russian satellite news agency, Trump has been trying to persuade Congress to allocate funds to build the US-Mexico border wall, but the results have been minimal, and he has not been able to get the Democratic Party Support for this matter.

On the 12th, local time, Trump launched a new round of attacks on the Democratic Party on the social platform. The Democratic Party and former President Barack Obama gave Iran 150 billion dollars and found nothing. So why can’t they Take out $5 billion to build the border wall to ensure US national security?

Obama gave Iran 150 billion dollars?

Obama and Iranian President

There are reports that the Obama administration signed the Iraqi nuclear in 2015. After the agreement, the United States provided assistance to Iran. However, according to Jack Lew, the finance minister of the Obama administration, the aid was about $56 billion. However, the data provided by the Iranian central bank is only $29 billion.

Does the remaining $121 billion enter the Obama pocket? Obviously, this is just Trump's fuss. Because Trump wants Congress to provide $5 billion to build the US-Mexico border wall, and the Democratic Party does not want to give Trump more than $1 billion.

In addition, according to Reuters, Trump has warned that if the border wall is not given money, the US government is likely to stop. At present, US government funds will be exhausted on December 21, which means that the Trump administration may have to "close the door" to spend this Christmas.

Where is Trump spending money?

Data shows that in the past 2018 (October 31, 2017 to September 30, 2018) In the United States, the US federal government earned 3.33 trillion US dollars, but the budgetary expenditure was 4.11 trillion US dollars. The two were reduced, and the deficit reached 780 billion US dollars, accounting for 3.9% of GDP.

The above picture is the US fiscal expenditure chart for 2017, you can see:

  • First place: Social security and unemployment insurance expenditures of 1.39 trillion US dollars, accounting for 33%;

  • Second place: medical insurance expenditures of 1.17 trillion US dollars, accounting for 28%;

  • Third: Military expenditures of $632 billion, accounting for 15%;

Regardless of the military expenditure, the US military defense budget for the 2018 fiscal year is close to 700 billion US dollars, while in 2017 China's military expenditure is only about 151.7 billion US dollars, which is 1/5 of the total US military expenditure.

In October, Trump said that the fiscal deficit was too high and proposed to the cabinet to cut spending by 5%. When asked if the Pentagon's military spending also needs to be cut by 5%, Trump said: The Ministry of Defense can be exempted.

But this may be understandable. After all, Trump adopts a conservative trade policy and pursues "US priority." In order to avoid "retaliation" from countries such as Russia and Iran, it is necessary to give more military security "safety" to countries around the world.

Trump is "working hard" to generate revenue

According to The Wall Street Journal, December 7 According to data released by the US Treasury and the US Census Bureau, the amount of tariffs imposed by the United States in October this year was $6.2 billion, an increase of $1.8 billion from September's $4.4 billion. Moreover, this is twice the amount of $3.1 billion in the same period last year. This also sets the record for the largest monthly tax revenue in US history.

In this regard, Trump is happy to show off on Twitter:

"We are now receiving billions of dollars in tariffs, which makes the United States rich again."

However, what he doesn't know is that, according to statistics, from May to October, US companies contributed a total of 7.4 billion US dollars to the US Treasury. Moreover, US companies are also facing counter-measures in China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. Trade Partnership According to statistics on the amount of US merchandise exports, in October this year, US exporters paid more than $1 billion in tariffs to other countries.

In short, if Trump really counts on the $6.2 billion in October to make the US rich, he can only say: You are happy.

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