The United States has imposed strong conditions on Russia. If Putin does not do it, don’t want to see Trump?

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The United States has imposed strong conditions on Russia. If Putin does not do it, don’t want to see Trump?

2018-12-15 10:25:01 279 ℃

The first military Author: Jun sword

December 13, Russia's Interfax News Agency reported that the US National Security Adviser John Bolton recently openly stated to the media, unless the Russian release of its detained Ukrainian ships and crew, otherwise President Trump could not hold a formal meeting with Putin. Bolton’s statement was aimed at the Kerch Strait crisis that broke out earlier. At that time, Ukraine tried to use the ship to cross the Kerch Strait, but it was stopped by Russia. Ukrainian ships and personnel were subsequently detained by Russia. The incident directly led Trump to abandon the plan to hold a formal meeting with Putin during the G20 summit. According to Trump, he expected the incident to be resolved at an early date, and then he could consider meeting with Putin.

Although during the G20 summit, Putin also had a few conversations with Trump, but it is clear that both sides There is no consensus on the Ukrainian issue, and this issue has also become a reason for the US-led Western countries to attack Russia. Perhaps from Trump's personal point of view, he appreciates Putin's, but the anti-Russian history of the US-led Western countries has a long history. Trump needs to consider the overall factors even if he intends to meet with Putin. On this day, Bolton on behalf of the US government to open the conditions for Putin to speak out of the air is undoubtedly to further emphasize the position of Western countries. Although Western countries do not dare to stand up for Ukrainian direct, it seems that it is also a good choice to marry Russia on the condition of Ukraine.

However, Putin has always been regarded as a tough leader in Russia. Although Russia has not been able to break through economic difficulties under the leadership of Putin, at least Putin has already established a strong foreign style of the Russian government. The early Russia’s policy of proactively handing over the West was completely different. Putin may not have allowed Russia's economy to flourish, but Putin has given Russia more confidence, which can make Russia not afraid of the threat of Western countries, nor succumb to the demands of the United States. When Ukraine provoked Russia, Russia had already foreseen the "Western master" behind Poroshenko, but Russia was unceremonious to take the Ukrainian ship personnel, showing that Russia does not want to compromise.

So the conditions proposed by Bolton can only be a comfort to the Poroshenko government in Ukraine, but cannot change Russia. The policy, Russia can not show weakness to the Ukrainian and Western countries for the "special meeting", Putin himself is even less likely to change his tough style because he wants to see Trump. Perhaps for Russia now, dialogue with Western countries is really necessary, but if this dialogue needs to be at the expense of yielding, then Russia is certainly not rare. This is not to mention that Russia, the average country, will adhere to such principles. Because no country will be willing to bow to hegemony.

It is foreseeable that the conditions proposed by the United States cannot influence Russia’s handling of Ukrainian ships and crew. According to previous reports from the Russian Tass, the Crimean District Court decided to conduct a two-month pre-trial detention of all 24 Ukrainian navy crew members suspected of invading Russia's borders. What to do afterwards depends on Russia's decision. Although Ukraine deliberately "challenge", the detained Ukrainian captain Mokriak also claimed that the Russian side should treat Ukrainian personnel according to the treatment of prisoners of war, but the Russian side refused to recognize that Russia and Ukraine were in a state of war and therefore did not follow Geneva. The provisions of the Convention on prisoners of war are used to deal with Ukrainian personnel.

Of course, the United States is not really going to take the lead in Ukraine. The United States just found another excuse to blame Russia. Then make full use of it. At present, the United States and Russia are more concerned about major issues such as the "Guide to the China-Vietnam Treaty." If the two sides cannot agree on the position of arms control, they may lead to a larger crisis. On the game of these major issues, both the United States and Russia have their own abacus. The United States has seen Russia’s willingness to dialogue, so it has oppressed Russia with the Ukrainian issue. But the United States will not be responsible for Ukraine. If Ukraine loses its role, the United States will kick one foot away.