Ukraine has to do it again? In the face of a strong Russia, no one in the West!

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Ukraine has to do it again? In the face of a strong Russia, no one in the West!

2018-12-15 10:25:01 260 ℃

The first military Author: Jun sword

According to the CCTV network reported that Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Petrova told the media at a regular press conference held on the 13th, Ukraine is preparing to Asia In the direction of the Maritime port city of Maritime, the city of Maritime has launched a military provocation. Zaharova said that Ukraine is ready to use the current "state of war" to "attack the direction of Mariupol and advance to the Azov Sea area and reach the Russian border." If the news published by Zaharova is true, it means that Ukraine will be ready to provoke a second wave of incidents. Prior to this, Ukraine had sent ships to try to cross the Kerch Strait controlled by Russia, but was stopped by Russia, and Ukrainian ships and crew were also detained and controlled by Russia.

If Ukraine really provokes war in the eastern region, it may lead to the Russian-Uzbek border and even the Azov region. The situation has deteriorated again. For the Poroshenko government, this will be another risky gamble. The Poroshenko government succeeded in attracting the attention of the international community by provoking the crisis in the Kerch Strait, and it has caused Russia to be condemned by Western countries. This time, if Ukraine uses the "wartime state" to work in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, it is possible to get an opportunity to fight Ukrainian civilian armed forces. Because the two states are now partially controlled by Ukrainian civilian armed forces, if Ukraine can defeat the armed forces, it can take back control of the two states.

However, Russia obviously will not ignore the Ukrainian behavior, especially in the case that Ukraine has already provoked the Czar Strait crisis, and Russia will not give Ukraine more opportunities to do things. In fact, Russia is now not only warning ahead of Ukraine, but Russia is also ready. According to the Poroshenko government, Russia has begun to assemble troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The S400 anti-aircraft missile system deployed in the Crimea also provided cover for the Russian military. It can be said that if Ukraine really wants to do it, Russia can always accompany it.

What makes Ukraine even more frustrated is that in the face of a strong Russia, the Western countries have not had a true Stand up for the support of Ukraine. On December 13, Ukrainian President Poroshenko met in Brussels with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg stressed NATO’s support for Ukraine and said it supports Ukraine’s entry into NATO. Stoltenberg revealed that NATO will provide Ukraine with a batch of "safe" communications equipment this month, which is part of NATO's 40 million euros military aid against Ukraine. However, these symbolic measures obviously cannot help Ukraine solve the problem. The "NATO direct confrontation against Russia" that Ukraine hopes does not appear.

Compared with NATO, the attitude of the EU is even more embarrassing. According to the Russian satellite network, the EU leaders adopted a statement emphasizing the preparations for "taking measures" to strengthen the incident on the Kerch Strait against Ukraine. Support, but the document did not even call for the implementation of new sanctions. This kind of tepid attitude clearly added a bucket of cold water to Ukraine. European countries have now been overwhelmed by issues such as Brexit and French riots. Under such circumstances, the EU is clearly not interested in Ukraine. Because of the military provocations in Ukraine, the EU is also in a difficult situation of internal and external troubles.

As far as the United States is concerned, it is even more realistic. The United States does try to use Ukraine to create trouble for Russia, but it requires the United States to serve Ukraine. On the battlefield, that is impossible. Russia and the United States are rivals on a strategic level, and Ukraine clearly cannot shake the direction of relations between the United States and Russia. In the case that the Western powers are generally reluctant to make heads-ups, Ukraine still wants to pick things up again by its own strength. It is conceivable that the end will definitely be hurt by Russia. To know that in the Azov Sea and the Black Sea region, Russia has an absolutely overwhelming military force. As long as NATO countries do not want to go to war with Russia, they will never dare to use genuine military adventures to support Ukraine.