Trump announces the White House acting office director, not his son-in-law

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Trump announces the White House acting office director, not his son-in-law

2018-12-15 20:25:32 252 ℃

On December 15, the BBC reported that US President Donald Trump announced the appointment of Mick Mawani, Director of the Office of Management Budget, as the White House Acting Director.

The 51-year-old Mawani will replace General John Kelly, who plans to leave at the end of this year. In a tweet, Mr. Trump described Mr. Kelly as a "great patriot" and said he has been serving the country.

Earlier this year, General Kelly had to publicly deny that he had called Trump an "idiot." The rumor comes from a new book about Mr. Trump, a veteran investigative reporter for the White House. The book claims that General Kelly repeatedly used this statement. Kelly also alleged that "trying to convince him (Trump) on anything is meaningless."

President Trump said that Mr. Mawani "had done a great job during the government work." "I look forward to working with him in this new capacity, because we continue to make the United States great again!"

The announcement of Friday’s decision ended the speculation about the White House’s new chief of staff. It is one of the most important jobs for the US government.

The famous British journalist Anthony Zurcher, who is based in Washington, commented that although the US president has the final decision on relevant policies But the White House Chief of Staff has incredible informal power and influence.

According to US media reports, Mawani is a former Republican congressman from South Carolina and a hard-line conservative. In 2010, Mawani was elected as a member of the House of Representatives through the "Tea Party" movement. He has been pushing for policies to cut government spending. In 2011, Mawani of the United States participated in negotiations with the Democratic Party's fiscal draft, forcing the Democratic Obama administration to conditionally raise the debt ceiling and limit the government's ability to increase taxes.

The “US government’s suspension” in 2013 was also a major political event he participated in. Mawani's participation in the campaign to stop Obama's medical reform has intensified the conflict between the two parties, causing the US government to stop for 16 days.

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