Canadian Foreign Minister to go to the United States to talk to the United States Secretary of State stated: China released

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Canadian Foreign Minister to go to the United States to talk to the United States Secretary of State stated: China released

2018-12-15 20:25:32 222 ℃

Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland and Defense Minister Sajan rushed to Washington on December 14th with US Secretary of State Pompeo And the Defense Minister Matisse talks. The US-Canada ministerial talks coincided with a sensitive moment when China-Canada relations suddenly fell into tension. On the 1st of this month, Canada obeyed the US unprovoked detention of Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Xizhou, which triggered anger and strong condemnation from China.

The Canadian "Global Mail" said that the high-ranking officials of Canada and the United States were not temporarily arranged after Meng Xiazhou was detained or two Canadians were detained in China. The original agenda was The Yemeni civil war, Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine and other global conflict issues, but now, two sources said that the meeting will focus on the issue of the detention of two Canadians by Ms. Meng’s detention in Canada after being detained in Canada. They said that it is not certain whether Freeland raised concerns about US President Trump's possible use of the Meng Xia Zhou case as a bargaining chip for US-China trade. A source said that it depends on the tone of the meeting.

According to US media reports, at the press conference after the meeting, most of the reporters’ questions were centered around Canada’s arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Xizhou, and the subsequent arrest of two Canadian citizens in China were speculations of “retaliation”.

Although Canadian officials have previously stated that the arrest of Meng Xizhou is due to the request of the US government, Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland said at a press conference that the Canadian government’s arrest of Meng’s boat is based on the rule of law. Principles and obligations of international treaties.

Freeland said, "We all agree that the most important thing at the moment is to uphold the rule of law, ensure that Ms. Meng’s due process rights are respected, and that the Canadian judicial process is not interfered with by political factors." Lilan pointed out that Meng Zhouzhou has been released on bail and is awaiting the extradition process.

In addition, Freeland also said that China has arrested and detained two Canadian citizens, Kang Mingkai and Michael, suspected of endangering China’s national security. She has spoken to Chinese diplomats this week, "Chinese officials. In the process of contact with Canada, there was no connection between the matter and Detention Meng.”

US Secretary of State Pompeo said that "illegal detention of two Canadian citizens is unacceptable. They should be released or handed over to the Canadian government. Whether the two are our citizens or citizens of other countries, the United States insists on this.

Previously, Trump said in an interview with Reuters that he might intervene in the case of the Canadian government arresting Meng Xiazhou, if this would help him negotiate trade with China.

In this regard, Pompeo said, "I don't think so... We are conducting a series of trade negotiations with China. As China said, we are working hard to solve this. The problem, and all the other issues - not just the special issue of trade, today we have many complicated problems with China around the world."

Fryland said in response to similar questions, " Canada clearly believes that the extradition process is a criminal justice process. It should not be a tool for politicization purposes.”

Freeland also stated that “the extradition process is not important for political purposes, nor is Canada In doing so, I believe that our democratic countries like our American partners have not done so." "At today's meeting we discussed common values, one of which is that the United States and Canada are countries that abide by the rule of law and rules."

On December 14, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Hao hosted a regular press conference. Some reporters have also questioned this matter. Has the Chinese government and the Canadian government made any progress on the communication between the two citizens and the Meng Xiazhou case?

Lu said that this is two things. Regarding the incident in which Ms. Meng Zhouzhou was wrongly detained, the Chinese side has been asking the Canadian government to immediately correct the mistake and immediately release Ms. Meng Xiazhou. With regard to the two Canadian citizens you mentioned being taken in accordance with the law in China, I can tell you that China and Canada maintain normal consular communication.

Editor: Cheng Xiaofei