He was the promoter of Yingluck’s stepping down. He once became a monk, but now he has to make a comeback with the help of Ba Yu.

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He was the promoter of Yingluck’s stepping down. He once became a monk, but now he has to make a comeback with the help of Ba Yu.

2018-12-16 00:25:42 344 ℃

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Beijing time on December 15th, the Thai election has entered the final sprint stage, we have seen all the people start to send However, although the purposes of the various parties are different, apart from the government and the Democratic Party led by the four ministers of the Ba Yu, the other parties are mostly on the opposite side of the Ba Yu. After four years, Ba Yu has offended the group. All over, but in addition to the old man who firmly opposed Thaksin, Suthep could be said to have set off the banner of Yingluck's stepping down, and then he began to retreat to the second line with the baath of power, even once became a monk, but In the end, he still did not completely abandon his political appeal. In this general election, he is one of the few party leaders who support the education of Ba, but he wants to use the idea of ​​returning from Ba Yu to be bold. After all, Ba Yu is not as good as Yinglana. And when he first tried to overthrow Yingla to the end, he was empty.

Supreme is a well-known Thai opposition to Thaksin’s power. He was originally a Democrat’s veteran in Abhisit. The times were the assistants of Prime Minister Abhisit, and in the parade against Yingluck, Suthep could be said to be the main force. It was the resignation of the Democratic Party’s status that raised the banner and put the Yingla side under tremendous pressure. The well-being of the parade also made the situation in Thailand unstable. This gave the Thai military the opportunity to intervene. It can be said that Suthep has made a great contribution to the acquisition of power by the Ba, but he did not get anything. After the Ba Yu came to power, There is no choice to trust such a person. After all, the flat personality is too clear and not loved by the military.

There was nothing in the campaign against Yingluck, but the effort was ultimately empty. The fact that Ba Yu came to power is not a good thing for him. The repeated postponement of the election by Ba Yu has also delayed the idea that Suthep wants to make a comeback. The Suthep has once been disheartened and even determined the election. After the time, Suthep also said that he would not go to any position again, but his actions are more honest than the language, and many times he has come out to pull the popularity of the popular stickers or want to make a comeback, although he once became a monk.

It’s different from Abhisit or other oppositions. The National Heli Party he founded has gathered a large number of Against the members of Thaksin, and they chose to support the military government. Before the four ministers entered the government and the Democratic Party, they were even a few of the party forces supporting the Bahrain. The idea was simple. He relied on himself. It is very difficult for the power to make a comeback. This election is bound to be Yingla’s confrontation between the Thai Party and the Ba Yu. The Yinglang side is impossible, so he can only choose to rely on Ba Yu to make a comeback.

The position of Suthep is very embarrassing. On the one hand, he chooses to support Ba Yu but his strength is limited, and he has The strength of the government’s Democratic Party and the government’s Democratic Party is also above the merits. Therefore, regardless of the success of the school, it’s hard to get a piece of it, and the most likely thing behind him is still empty. As a result, he should have known for a long time that after all, his strength in this election cannot exceed that of four years ago. Four years ago, Ba Yu did not choose Suthep, and this time naturally would not.