Israel suffered a great shame: two soldiers were killed, a lot of weapons and equipment were taken away

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Israel suffered a great shame: two soldiers were killed, a lot of weapons and equipment were taken away

2018-12-16 20:25:23 961 ℃

Text/Human-shaped self-propelled artillery

For the Israeli army in the West Bank, the regional situation is generally safe, and the Israel Defense Forces deployed 14 battalions, special forces, and border defense. The police’s stealth force and the anti-terrorist commando team, under such heavy pressure, are in a tight situation in this area, but neither Hamas nor Fatah have a considerable degree of threat, and because of this, it is dangerous. When the time came, many people were not prepared.

According to a reference report on December 15th, Israel’s Ha’aretz report said that it was late Thursday last week. , A gunman rides on a regular vehicle and suddenly gets off the train when approaching a checkpoint; reports that two Israeli soldiers were killed on the spot, one soldier and one woman were seriously injured, and many others were injured at the scene; Then he took away the weapons and equipment of the casualties and then fled by means of transportation.

The fallen soldiers were 20-year-old Sergeant Joseph and 19-year-old Sergeant Cohen, one of the most serious casualties in the Israeli army in recent years, and the Israeli media admitted that this The second incident is part of the bloody conflict between Palestine and Israel in the past week and is also a revenge on a series of previous Israeli fire incidents.

In the past week, Israeli troops have repeatedly fired on Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, on In the week of the week, Israeli soldiers opened fire on a vehicle carrying a pregnant woman, causing the pregnant woman to be injured and the baby to die prematurely; then Israeli soldiers shot and killed two more Palestinians. This series of fires eventually led to the incident. Hamas’s retaliatory action.

Although Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas did not recognize the retaliatory action and criticized Israel’s abuse of force while criticizing similar acts of violence, Hamas praised the action as "British behavior."

In recent years, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has intensified again, and violent attacks on both sides have emerged. Because of the US cover-up, Israel’s use of force against Palestinians is becoming more and more arbitrary. The attack on civilian vehicles has led to the death of pregnant women and infants. This is even more provoked by Palestinians’ resentment. Any Palestinian politician trying to negotiate peace with Israel will Get into passive.

At the same time, organizations such as the Hamas and Fatah, the Palestinian resistance movements that use violent means against Israel, will be more embraced, and then Israel will retaliate against it, bringing more The casualties have formed a vicious circle that cannot be liberated.

However, the turbulent environment has placed a huge burden on the Israeli economy, and the current yellow vest movement has appeared in Tel Aviv. With Jerusalem, the Israeli economy has been dragged down by the large number of illegal settlements built at no cost and with more funds for security.

But this is still the toughest problem. The really tricky problem is that this successful attack will inevitably inspire Hama. The attack by Sri Lanka and Fatah will also lead to a further deterioration of the Palestinian-Israeli situation, and it will also force Israel to adopt a more radical response.