This is squatting! The US high officials blamed Russia for no reason, but they were speechless and speechless.

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This is squatting! The US high officials blamed Russia for no reason, but they were speechless and speechless.

2018-12-16 20:25:25 949 ℃

According to foreign media reports, Russia recently dispatched a formation including two Tu-160 strategic bombers to Venezuela for a visit and plans to participate in a military exercise in Venezuela. The US Secretary of State, Mike Pampeo, showed an unimaginable anger that the Russian and Venezuela governments were savagely affecting the normal life of the Venezuelan people.

Pampeo’s attitude towards this time is incredible. I don’t know the situation and thought that Russia’s large-scale dispatch to Venezuela intends to warn the United States. However, it is understood that Russia has only sent four aircraft, including two Tu-160 "Jolly Roger" strategic bombers, an An-124 transport aircraft for transporting goods and a transporter's Il-62. The long-distance passenger plane carries a total of about 100 Russian military personnel.

Only four planes, more than 100 people, it is reasonable not to cause much threat to the United States. It is just an ordinary deterrent, but Pampeo has made a big slogan and issued a document on social media accusing Russia of sending formations. Traveling across half of the world to Venezuela is irresponsible to the people and a serious waste of resources. It is believed that Russia should not cooperate with the Venezuelan government as a corrupt government.

Pampeo’s speech is small and said to be unreasonable, to the big I said that I have already interfered with the meaning of other domestic affairs. In the face of Pampeo's unreasonable troubles, the Russian side did not let it go. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quickly responded to Pampeo's comments. He believes that Pampeo, as the US Secretary of State, has no diplomatic demeanor and is willing to point to other countries' internal affairs. He is very incompatible with his position as Secretary of State and does not abide by diplomatic etiquette. At the same time, Peskov also pointed out that the United States, as the world's only superpower, has a huge military budget far exceeding that of Russia. As long as half of the annual military expenditure can be used to feed the whole of Africa, such a huge military expenditure makes the United States have no reason at all. Not qualified to point to Russia’s actions, let alone Puneo’s unfounded and unfounded accusations.

Not only the Kremlin, but also the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Responded. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zahalova believes that it is only two strategic bombers. The United States is too small and too nervous. In the subsequent statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that Pampeo, as the US Secretary of State, had no professionalism, lacked the knowledge needed for this position, and the words were too radical to be acceptable. Presumably Russia’s round of unreasonable counterattacks will leave the Secretary of State with an unforgettable memory.

In fact, Venezuela has been one of Russia’s allies in recent years, two The country has conducted large-scale transactions of several billion dollars. Under the influence of Venezuela's sanctions in the United States and the fall in international crude oil prices, the domestic economy has declined year after year, and the vicious inflation has caused a large outflow of its own population. Russia just needs an ally in the back garden of the United States to add to the United States. When the two countries hit it off, they began to cooperate. The remarks made by the US Secretary of State’s Locks also reflect the fact that the United States has a great deal of concern about the entry of Russian troops into Venezuela. It can be said that it has reached the point of screaming.