8,000 missiles are gone, India is so ruined, how can Israel not cry?

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8,000 missiles are gone, India is so ruined, how can Israel not cry?

2018-12-16 20:25:27 314 ℃

Since India is able to withstand US pressure and arbitrarily purchase the Russian S400 missile system, it can also tear up the already signed military purchase contract. This seems to have no psychological pressure on India. According to media reports, India unilaterally tore up the $500 million Spike (Snail) anti-tank missile order signed with Israel in 2017. The $500 million contract includes 3,000 long-nail missiles and 300 launchers, as well as subsequent agreements to produce 5,000 missiles by India.

The reason why India tore up the contract is that the missile's aiming system can't adapt to the weather in India. This reason is really amazing. I want to know that this order was one of the items that Modi signed when he visited Israel last year. After signing it, the United States is very happy and thinks that this is India’s signal to itself.

Unexpectedly, India has done this directly, let Israel be blind, how everyone learns India, after this How can we cooperate? In fact, Israel has not yet touched India’s temper, because it is common for India to purchase armaments repeatedly. You are not adapted to Israel. Before India bought the Russian S400 missile, it changed many times. After some negotiations, Russia finally got its wish. Even traditional partners like Russia, India can be fooled, let alone Israel?

And what makes Israel most angry is that India believes that its anti-tank missiles have an advantage over Israel’s long-nail missiles. Is the long nail missile not as good as the Indian equipment? According to the data, the long nail missile is a fourth-generation anti-tank missile launched by Israel's Rafael Arms Company. It has excellent performance and is being contested by various countries. The missile mainly consists of a seeker, a warhead, a flight attitude engine, a battery, etc., and has also been designed with some javelin missiles. It can also be reused and cheap, and the parts between different types of missiles can be used universally, and the reliability is much better than the javelin.

At present, more than a dozen countries have purchased long nail missiles, and India’s sudden tearing of the 500 million contract is really difficult for Israel to accept. Isn’t this the sign of the nail? What is a "big country" like India doing? However, India is not as uncomfortable as Israel. The reason for canceling the long nail order is mainly to promote the Indian domestic weapons process and reduce the dependence on outsourcing. Moreover, there are many corruption problems in India’s outsourcing military purchases, which makes India determined to support it. Domestic companies, but the weapons made in India are obvious to all. Not only are they delayed for a long time, but their performance is still unstable. Even the Indian army does not dare to equip too much.

However, in response to Modi’s “Made in India” policy, Indian companies can only be bitten by Indian weapons. With the teeth moving forward, after all, no one depends on themselves. But India will not give up the continuation of procurement of foreign military equipment, because it can save costs and quickly improve the combat effectiveness of the troops. For Israel, it is necessary to adapt to India's volatility. After all, this is Asia's largest weapon purchaser. Even Russia has a headache when dealing with India. This process has to adapt slowly.