"I can no longer accomplice with Trump, I join the Democratic Party!"

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"I can no longer accomplice with Trump, I join the Democratic Party!"

2018-12-17 00:25:38 243 ℃

[Compile / Observer Net Tong Li]

"I can't go on like this anymore. From a moral point of view, I can't do any complicity anymore." When the 43-year Republican and the 10-year Republican Party After the lawmakers, Senator Barbara Bollier of Kansas, the United States, announced that he would change the party.

The newly-launched "Democrat" said that Trump’s Republican Party’s stance on issues such as transgender rights has maddened her.

Barbara Polyytu from the Associated Press

According to NBC News, USA Time reported on December 14th, Poliya said in an interview: "My moral compass is saying, 'I can't go on like this anymore', you think of Trump again. From a moral point of view, I can't do it anymore. Complicity."

The report pointed out that Polyyer’s decision was not entirely unexpected. In the midterm elections, she supported the Democratic-led Laura Kelly and Sharice Davids to run for governors and members of Congress.

After Pollier expressed support for Kelly and Davis, in July this year, Kansas Senate Speaker Susan Wagle had already waived the vice chairman of the Polly Senate Health Committee. Job.

But Polier added, "When the Republican Party added anti-transgender content to the program, as a doctor, it really made me feel very upset."

< According to reports, earlier this year, the Kansas Republican Party revised its platform and added the following: "We believe that God created both sexes, men and women. Therefore, according to the Kansas Constitution, the welfare and privileges of marriage exist only. Between a man and a woman."

And Pollier thinks "this is ridiculous."

In addition, Poliya also said that Republicans in Kansas opposed the expansion of Medicaid and gun violence prevention measures, which is one of the reasons why she does not want to be a Republican again.

At the same time, it is reported that the Democratic Party readily accepted the participation of Polyyer.

Lucas Acosta, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, told NBC News that " Senator Polly stood up against discrimination and prejudice, and the decision to leave the retreating party was correct.

When a Republican changed to the Democratic Party, according to Observer Network, a new word "Blexit" appeared in the United States when the midterm elections approached. At the same time, it is a brand. Many products such as T-shirts and hats are printed with the words "Blexit" and "We free".

Similar to the Brexit word for Brexit, it is a letter, and "Blexit" means "black exit": Encourage African Americans to withdraw from the Democratic Party.

"Buyers Show" on social media Figure by Twitter

In some media, In the report of “Russian Today” (RT), the biggest gimmick of “Blexit” is: well-known rapper and Trump hardcore fan Kanye Omari West (grandfather) as product design. The news also spread on social media, adding a lot of attention to "Blexit".

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