There was a loud noise on the Russian border, and the Ukrainian Su-27 fighter plane crashed! The Ukrainian army suspected that the Russian army shot

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There was a loud noise on the Russian border, and the Ukrainian Su-27 fighter plane crashed! The Ukrainian army suspected that the Russian army shot

2018-12-17 00:25:38 311 ℃

According to the Russian Tass news agency reported on December 16, the Ukrainian military general staff confirmed that on December 15, local time, a Ukrainian Air Force The Su-27 fighter plane crashed in the Zhitomir area, which borders Russia in the north of the country. The scene ignited a raging fire, and the pilot on board was unfortunately killed. It is reported that the relationship between Russia and Ukraine is very tight recently. The Ukrainian military has accused the Russian military of testing a new electronic warfare system in the country, interfering with and shielding Ukrainian electronic systems such as communications and radar, but Moscow has denied this. It is accused of deploying a professional hacking force in NATO.

The report said that just before the Ukrainian warplane crashed, NATO had just announced that it would provide the Ukrainian military before the end of the year. A group of encrypted communication systems worth 40 million euros strengthened the security capability of the Ukrainian military, but a loud noise came from the Ukrainian border. A Soviet Su-27 fighter jet crashed. It is reported that the Ukrainian military has dispatched a large number of soldiers to block the incident airport, and announced that it will conduct a thorough investigation of the matter to find out whether the cause of the crash was caused by third-party interference. Ukrainian military experts said that because of the current arrogance of Ukrainian-Russian relations, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of the U.S. military crash.

It is reported that the Zhtomir area where the Su-27 fighter plane crashed is the front line between Uzbekistan and Russia. The area is located in the northern part of Ukraine, bordering on the Russian mainland. Not long ago, the Ukrainian military had a high-profile display of the elite UFOs deployed in the area, and warned the Russian army that the latter should not challenge Ukraine’s patience, but in the Ukrainian and wave. In the photo of Rosenko, the "Shantou" logo of the German Nazi Third SS squadron appeared. This kind of public support for the fascist "reverse behavior" made the NATO side very embarrassed, but in a few days, Zhitomir Once again, it has become the focus of outside attention.

Military experts said that this is not the first time that a Ukrainian fighter has crashed. It is reported that on October 16, Ukraine The Su-27 two-seat fighter jets participating in the NATO "clear sky 2018" joint air force exercise were bizarrely crashed. In addition to causing the death of Ukrainian pilots, a US pilot in the back seat was killed. Afterwards, the Ukrainian side promised to clarify the reasons. Give the US military an account, but two months have passed and there is still no result. The Ukrainian military experts suspected that the Russian military had interfered with the Ukrainian fighters because the Su-27 of the Ukrainian army was inherited from the Soviet Union, and the electronic system was relatively backward. The Russian military knew it well and could easily find weaknesses and destroy it. .