Australia’s just doing something has sparked public anger, and in order to please hegemonism, it has begun to do whatever it takes!

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Australia’s just doing something has sparked public anger, and in order to please hegemonism, it has begun to do whatever it takes!

2018-12-17 00:25:38 222 ℃

The first military Author: Zhi Song

According to the Global Network reported that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, 15, confirmed that the Australian government will recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But he also said that the Australian Embassy in Israel will not move away from Tel Aviv until a peace agreement is reached. Morrison also added that the Australian government also recognizes Palestine’s desire to use East Jerusalem as its capital. Morrison said in October that Australia still supports the "two-state plan" to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but this program has not progressed smoothly. Earlier, Australia “considered to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” was widely questioned. Indonesia and Malaysia openly opposed the 13 Middle East and North African countries' joint protests, and even neighboring New Zealand also said that this is not conducive to peace in the Middle East. The New York Times described Morrison’s statement as “naked political gambling”.

Using "political gambling" to describe Australia's practice, although more accurate, but not deep enough, for the tiger to help, help and abuse More appropriate, in order to please the United States, Australia is doing its best. So far, the United States is the only country that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocates the embassy in order to express its support for Israel, which is closely followed by Israel and is only to prove its It is "concentric with the United States", but this behavior is really disgusting. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a historical problem that must be resolved through peaceful means. The unilateral acts of the United States have also met with almost unprecedented opposition. The United Nations voted, and the result of 128:9 even beaten the United States with a loud slap in the face. . Undoubtedly, the peaceful resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the accurate positioning of the issue of Jerusalem’s ownership are all expected. The United States has said nothing.

Under this situation, Australia is still willing to commit crimes and take the world by storm. It is very shameful to stand on the opposite side of the world in order to hold the American thigh. In fact, to understand Australia's country, we should be able to realize that this is just a re-display of its servile side. Once China has encountered almost equal treatment. As Australia's largest trading partner, China-Australia trade exchanges were originally a mutually beneficial and win-win situation, and there was a honeymoon period. However, considering the political needs of the United States, Australia has openly challenged China and constantly concocted and rendered the "China threat theory." "And even openly "demonizing" China, pointing to some of China's normal economic behavior, squandering dirty water, which seriously affected the normal development of China-Australia relations. Up to now, even though Turnbull has stepped down, Australia has not shown much improvement. It is still setting a threshold for some high-tech companies in China, and it is extremely damaging.

In essence, whether it’s Canada’s helplessness or Australia’s swearing, it’s almost a “dog leg” The behavior is incompatible with the international relations of the 21st century, and it loses the national character that a country should have. These countries prefer to be at the foot of power, get a poor wreck, and refuse to go out to eat their own food. Some hegemonic countries are trying to flatter and sway. Perhaps, too much language to criticize these countries is not enough to express the dislike and disgust. It is foreseeable that if these countries are not able to embark on independence and have no hard bones, then one day, if the "master" is no longer so day-round, they can cry every day, a country, even the decision-making power The highest priority level, used to please another country, can't bear to look straight. On this issue, the introduction of Sade in South Korea is a typical case. What is the loss and what is the return? Perhaps the lesson is deep enough and not far from it.

Some countries published in Australia are fooling around with hegemonic ass every day. Sooner or later, one day they will take their own insults and abandon them for the world. It’s not a matter of words, dog legs, never There will be a good end.