Erdogan announced that Turkey will purchase 120 F-35

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Erdogan announced that Turkey will purchase 120 F-35

2018-12-17 20:25:25 252 ℃

US Assistant Secretary of State Weiss Mitchell has previously stated that Ankara’s purchase of the S-400 may have a negative impact on the US supply of F-35 to the soil. Turkish President Erdogan said on the 16th local time that the Turkish side intends to purchase 120 American F-35 fighters.

Erdogan insisted that the United States deliver the F35 fighter as if it were: Network)

According to the Russian satellite network on December 16, local time on the 16th, Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul, "Turkey will buy 120 F-35 fighters from the United States, some fighters The parts were made in Turkey.”

On the day before Erdogan’s statement, Turkish President’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin was on the 15th local time. In the gap between the Doha forum and the media, Turkey suspects that if Turkey purchases the S-400 air defense system from Russia, the US is likely to refuse to deliver the F-35.

Carlin (Source: "Turkey of Turkey" (TRT))

According to the observer network, the orders of the US-based F-35 fighters can be described as obstacles. Beginning in 2017, a number of US federal congressmen have called for the suspension of the sale of F-35A fighters to Turkey because of Turkey’s attempted coup in 2016. After Turkey announced the purchase of the Russian S-400, the US and NATO representatives repeatedly criticized Turkey for the transaction. The United States is even more directly threatening to "propose" the F-35 plan.

In December 2017, Turkey and Russia signed a loan agreement for the S-400 system. Ankara will purchase two battalion air defense missile systems and hand them over to the earth. The two sides also agreed on technical cooperation on the development of S-400 in soil production.

US Assistant Secretary of State Mitchell said that once Turkey purchases the Russian S-400 air defense missile system, or falls into the scope of US sanctions, its plan to purchase the US F-35 may also be adversely affected.

Turkey Foreign Minister Chawush Oulu said that if the United States freezes the supply of the F-35 because of Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense missile system, then Ankara may purchase the Russian fifth-generation machine Su-57 as an alternative.

The US Senate passed its 2019 defense budget on June 18, which stipulated that Turkey’s intention to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense missile system would stop Turkey’s participation in the production of the fifth-generation US fighter F-35. project.

F-35 (Source: Russian Satellite Network)

However, the United States The F-35 was still delivered to Turkey as planned. The Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat representative revealed on June 21 that the ceremony to transfer two F-35 fighters to Turkey was held at Lockheed Martin's plant in Fort Worth, Texas.

The representative of the Turkish Defense Industry Secretariat had previously revealed that the F-35 aircraft that had been transferred to Ankara would remain in the United States until November 2019 for training Turkish pilots. According to the relevant plan, Turkey should obtain more than 100 F-35 aircraft. (Source: Observer Network)