The US expert speculated that the Malaysian Airlines MH370 continued to drive after the fire, and tried to land before the crash.

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The US expert speculated that the Malaysian Airlines MH370 continued to drive after the fire, and tried to land before the crash.

2018-12-17 20:25:26 990 ℃

According to the British "Daily Star" reported on December 17, a retired American pilot recently said that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may be flying to an airport in an automatic driving mode before an emergency crash in the air. Landing.

Last week, former United Airlines captain Ross Aimer said he thought the Boeing 777-200 had suddenly turned left due to a fire in the cabin.

Now, the chief executive of the aviation consulting expert said he suspected the plane had a dramatic turn around when trying to land at Penang, Malaysia.

Aim said: "I don't think they did anything to leave the plane for landing. I think they originally Maybe I want to go to Penang airport. When they fly in that direction, either the pilot loses consciousness or is dead, and the plane flies in that direction. For some reason, it goes to the left. Turned a corner and headed south to the South Indian Ocean.”

On March 8, 2014, MH370 lost contact after about 40 minutes of departure from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Inmarsat’s satellite data shows that the aircraft turned to the left and flew over the peninsula of Malaysia. The investigators ruled that the aircraft then turned left and left the fuel and fell into the Indian Ocean west of Australia.

Aimer has 40 years of aviation experience. He thinks that the possible situation is a 221 kilogram lithium battery on the plane. The fire caused the crew to die in midair. Later, the Malaysia Airlines aircraft flew for several hours in autonomous driving despite a fire.

Amer has driven an Iranian plane. He said that without the pilot's control, MH370 flights could not automatically land at Penang Airport. But it can continue to fly in that direction.

He continued: "But I can't explain the second left turn. I think it should be that the plane is on fire, and the oxygen will be exhausted. Anyway, they don't want to fall into the water, want to land safely, maybe Find a big airport."

"The pilot wants to have a long runway, or like a military base. It is likely to be heading there, or probably going there. If it does happen The fire broke out and the fire entered the oxygen system. That would be the worst thing, because they didn't have a chance, the fire would get very fast."

If there is no pilot, the plane will not land. If the pilot is still alive, they can program the autopilot to let him land at that airport. But if the pilot is missing, you can't get the job done. ”

This is not the first time that Penang Airport has been involved in the mystery of the missing MH370 flight.

The pilot and instructor Simon Hardy believes that the plane is flying near Penang, but for a different reason.

The senior captain of the Boeing 777 aircraft believes that the pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was excited to say goodbye to the scene because it was his hometown and then deliberately crashed the plane into the sea.

Harday said: "So I spent Thinking about what it might be for a long time, what are the technical reasons?”

The theory of Hardy was supported by David Learmount of Flight Magazine. /p>

He said: "Since Captain Simon Hardy has revealed his calculations about where Malaysia Airlines MH370 may be parked, he led the Australian Transportation Safety Agency of the MH370 search team. (ATSB) has had a detailed conversation with him. "

"Although the world is very interested in his work, so far no one has thought that his calculations can find something other than logical and mathematical sensibility." "

But the ATSB has not been able to find the aircraft since then, the Malaysian Ministry of Transportation also said that they do not know what happened to the aircraft.

However, the families of the victims went to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. After submitting the wreckage they claimed to be the lost passenger aircraft, and urging a new search, they hope to re-ignite.