Turkey won? The United States may make two major concessions: withdrawing troops from Syria and extraditing

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Turkey won? The United States may make two major concessions: withdrawing troops from Syria and extraditing

2018-12-17 20:25:27 249 ℃

The world is unpredictable, sometimes changing faster than you think, especially when the event is led by Trump-led America and Erdogan-led Turkey.

According to Turkish media reports on December 16, Turkish Foreign Minister Chavro Gullu said at the Doha meeting, the US president Trump is considering the possibility of withdrawing troops from Syria.

Chawush Oulu said: "I think President Trump is now considering the possibility of the United States withdrawing from Syria."

Turkish President Erdogan said on the 14th. Ankara intends to begin operations against the Syrian Kurdish Self-Defense Forces in Manbij, a northern Syrian city, if the United States does not evacuate them from there.

The US side said that Turkey’s move is unacceptable, but the Turkish side seems to be determined. So Erdogan discussed the situation in Syria on the phone with President Trump on the same day.

The Turkish President’s adviser, Ibrahim Karin, said during the Doha Forum on the 15th that Turkey wants to coordinate its actions against Syria and Russia in the Syrian border.

Karin said: "China is part of the international alliance against the 'Islamic State' and supports the fight against the 'Islamic State'. Therefore, we want to coordinate the efforts of all parties. Our military will closely communicate with the United States, Russia, and other member states of the alliance in Syria to avoid any conflict confrontation. We have a mechanism to avoid conflict confrontation and will also use this mechanism."

He also said that Turkey will take all measures to eliminate the terrorist threat on the border.

Carlin also said that Turkish President Erdogan and US President Trump telephoned a discussion on Turkey’s future military operations in eastern Syria.

If Chawush Oulu said it was true, then the United States undoubtedly gave a compromise to Turkey. Why does the United States compromise with Turkey? Perhaps in addition to Turkey’s need to eradicate Kurds in Syria, the Saudi correspondent Kashoe’s incident may also be an important reason. The United States wants to exchange it for Turkey to stop at this incident.

A US compromise may also be more than just withdrawing troops from Syria.

Turkey Foreign Minister Chawush Oul also said that US President Trump met with Turkish President Erdogan during the G20 summit in Argentina and said that the US is studying the extradition of Turkish opposition Islam. Missionary Gulen's question.

According to the Turkish side, on 16 July 2016, a group of insurgents attempted to launch a military coup in Turkey. But the rebellion was settled by the authorities. The conflict caused more than 240 Turkish citizens to die and more than 2,000 injured. The Turkish authorities accused the opposition Islamic missionary Gullen of participating in the coup attempt, and Gu Lun, who lives in the United States, condemned the rebellion and said that he had nothing to do with the matter.

According to official data, after the attempted coup, more than 50,000 people in Turkey were arrested on suspicion of contact with the Tuolun terrorist organization (FETO), and more than 140,000 civil servants were expelled or suspended.

Turkish hopes to extradite Curon from the United States, but the United States does not agree with this approach. This directly led to a sharp turn in the relationship between the United States and Turkey.