Got it! Canada has another incident...

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Got it! Canada has another incident...

2018-12-18 00:25:01 248 ℃

Author: upright brother

As we all know, in the past month, France is experiencing a menacing "yellow vest movement." A group of people from the bottom and middle class, because they are dissatisfied with the government’s efforts to push up many reforms that harm their interests in the face of economic weakness, they must also add taxes to the gasoline they depend on in the name of “environmental protection”, so they spontaneously Organized, wearing a "yellow vest" to the streets of Paris to protest and protest, while asking the government to meet their conditions, while still smashing and looting, the French President Mark Long was ruined.

But it’s hard to imagine that this “yellow vest sport” actually spread from France. Nowadays, similar "sports" have erupted in many European countries - including Belgium, where the European Union is headquartered, and even people in North America, Canada, who have been wearing "yellow vests" to protest...

According to Canadian media reports, at least 8 Canadian cities have begun to imitate the French "Yellow vest" Protest march.

And similar to the French "Horse vest", the demands of the Canadian "mass" are also very mixed. According to reports from the Canadian media, there are two main demands. One is against the “carbon tax” imposed by the Canadian government for energy conservation and emission reduction, and the other is the United Nations Global Immigration Contract recently signed by Canada. I am dissatisfied and think that this will damage the interests of Canadians and the "sovereignty" of the country.

They also shouted "U.S. interests first" with US President Trump. A similar slogan of "Canada's First Interest" and the overwhelming Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is a "traitor" to the country. Some even accuse the mainstream media in Canada of being “fake news” and demanding that their “freedom of speech” be respected.

More exotic In addition, some Canadian “patriotic masses” appealed to all Canadian “patriots” to stand up and oppose the United Nations and oppose globalization and other “international order” against Canadians.

In addition to this, the protesters still have a lot of scattered claims. For example, there are many “yellow vests” in Calgary, Canada, which are protesting against the Trudeau government's delay in repairing important oil pipelines, which has made it impossible for local people who rely on oil to eat.

In the province of Alberta, Canada, in Calgary, some "yellow vests" also sacrificed the Alberta oil and gas industry to the Quebec people in the Canadian federal government to please the "disintegration". The interest is dissatisfied.

In addition, Canadian media The report also pointed out that the "yellow vest" in different places is different. For example, in the city of Toronto, some of the "yellow vest" protesters here did not raise the propensity of proponents proposed by protesters elsewhere, but proposed some "left-sided" appeals, such as calling "social justice."

In the cities where some conservative "yellow vest" protesters gather, there are also left-wing parades against these people. At the same time. In Halifax and Edmonton, Canada, the “Yellow Vest” group protesting the government’s immigration policy encountered a parade that supported the open immigration policy and called for racial equality. The latter also accused the former of preaching “race Doctrine."

However, although the "Horse vest" has been "rooted" in many cities in Canada, the Canadian media also stressed that these "yellow vests" are far less "fever" than France. The "yellow vest", and there is no such violence as the French "snapping", the protesters are still more restrained.

But the Canadian media also pointed out that the same as France, whether it is supporting conservatism or supporting left-wing liberalism, Canada’s “yellow vest” feels about the status quo in Canada. Dissatisfied, and believe that only let the Trudeau government step down is the "outlet."