[China and Canada] hope to fall short? Canada: I hope to export more agricultural products to China! China: Change it first!

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[China and Canada] hope to fall short? Canada: I hope to export more agricultural products to China! China: Change it first!

2018-12-18 00:25:01 317 ℃

Abstract: Canadian geese suffer heavy losses, and their agriculture is also suffering? This move in China may explain everything!

However, affected by recent Huawei incidents, some Canadian farmers are beginning to worry that Canadian agriculture may lose its market share in China.

As of November this year, in the agricultural sector, China and Canada signed 18 agreements worth more than $353 million.

Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Macquarie said that more and more Chinese consumers are buying Canadian products, especially agriculture. For this reason, Canada also attaches great importance to it and hopes that Canadian agricultural products can enter China. market.

It is reported that under the leadership of Macquarie, 65 agricultural organizations/enterprise executives from Canada have come to the Chinese market, hoping to gain a place for their products, including livestock, pork, beef, Seafood, grain, oilseeds, beans, processed foods, beverages and gardening.

He pointed out that providing farmers, processors and exporters in Canada with access to the Chinese market is key to the continued growth of the Canadian economy and that the Canadian government will increase global agricultural exports to $75 billion by 2025. The key to the goal.

At present, China is Canada's second largest export market for agricultural products, agricultural foods and seafood, and is also a market that Canadian agriculture departments attach great importance to.

The Canadian data shows that in 2017, China imported 8.6 billion Canadian dollars (about 6.5 billion US dollars) of agricultural products, agricultural food and seafood from Canada.

Canadian farmers: hope or failure

Although the Canadian Agriculture Minister is full of confidence in the cooperation between China and Canada, the Canadian farmers are worried, the reason is still recent Huawei incident.

Because of the Canadian team in the United States, Chinese consumers’ enthusiasm for Canada has declined rapidly and they have begun to boycott Canadian products.

In the past two weeks, the Huawei incident has become the headline of major media. Affected by this incident, some companies in Canada have suffered heavy losses, including Canadian geese.

On a few days, the market value of the Canadian goose has evaporated, and even the opening of the new store in Beijing has been cancelled. This fully proves the serious consequences of losing the Chinese market.

Although China does not take substantive action against Canada at present, as the incident continues to ferment, if Canada does not know how to repent, it is not only in China, but even other industries in Canada will be affected, of course. It also includes agriculture.

As Canadian farmers worry, although the initial investment has been a lot, Chinese consumers are likely to abandon Canada because of this incident.

After Chinese consumers are no longer keen on Canadian agricultural products, farmers in this country are likely to face sharp declines in revenues and even heavy losses, not to mention the tragic ending of losing the Chinese market.

In fact, the concerns of Canadian agriculture are not unreasonable. After all, there are lessons from Canadian geese. How does China respond to the cooperation between Canada and China in the agricultural sector?

In the past, the prospects for trade cooperation between China and Canada are still very optimistic. After all, the previous cooperation is very enjoyable.

The so-called "nothing will not die", Canada also wants to continue to challenge the Chinese bottom line as the United States, China will naturally not be bullied, and the cancellation of investment in Canadian companies in China can prove this. :

After the "Canada Incident" fermentation, China cancelled its $1 billion investment in Canada's Pang Maidi, which involved energy and port construction projects.

According to the current situation, if Canada still wants to go its own way, the only thing that can finally be bitter is its own, and its ending can only be the same as that of American soybeans:

Accepted China) The impact of the economic and trade situation, the United States soybeans have become the biggest victims, the US soybean farmers suffered heavy losses, the harvest of soybeans are burning in the ground.

It’s even worse, when the United States is facing difficulties, the United States does not care, let Canada suffer losses, it is estimated that Canada is also regretting it! At this moment, I just want to say to Canada: Losing China is not worth the loss, or I really want to know how to save China!