Congress, the government closed, the whole nation panicked, Trump Christmas can only be tweaked!

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Congress, the government closed, the whole nation panicked, Trump Christmas can only be tweaked!

2018-12-23 20:25:16 869 ℃

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The Christmas in the United States is similar to the Chinese New Year in Chinese New Year. It is a state of glory and joy, but the US government is not good for Christmas!

(Source: Reuters)

The concentrated outbreak of contradictions is on this Friday, because The US Senate did not approve the grant to build Trump’s “$5 billion border wall.” Defense Secretary Matisse left, the Fed did not continue to raise interest rates according to Trump’s ideas... For a number of reasons, Trump was going to Christmas is closed to the government.

A number of foreign media reports that some US government agencies have "scheduled" at 0:00 pm ET, and this "stopping" will continue in the next few days, at Christmas time. Most government agencies will "take a holiday."

The Senate is no exception, because the Senate and Trump negotiations still have no results, of course, no exception to join the "fake" army, according to the plan of the Senate will be on the 27th after Christmas. Meet again with Trump "open tears."

This is the worst (worse) Christmas (from the Pentagon to the US Congress) The entire United States is spreading panic and shock.

Trump decided to withdraw from Syria, and Matisse resigned, triggering a big earthquake in the world. Turkey has already made an official statement to retaliate against the Kurds.

On the second day of Matisse’s resignation, this Friday, Trump spoke with Turkish President El Dornan, and the two sides reached an agreement on Turkey’s purchase of US arms.

Turkey will order 120 F-35As from the United States, as well as Patriot system missiles worth $3.5 billion.

(Source: CNN)

Multiple Critics Trump "Abandoning Allies for a Time Benefit" This is contrary to Matisse's view that the United States relies on a strong alliance to maintain its own security. Matisse is resigned because of this.

What is even more interesting is that many of the big newspapers and senior officials commented that "the last ‘adult’ in the US government has also left.” This is really brilliant.

'finally an adult' and had to leave

(Source: Associated Press) < /p>

Everything is the power of small money. I don’t know how much the businessman’s President Trump thinks the United States is worth?

One day on Friday, Trump sent a full 20 tweets, celebrating the Senate’s holiday, urging the establishment of a border wall, threatening the Democratic Party, and bragging about it...

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Trump also asked if he had the right to dismiss the Fed chairman because the Fed raised interest rates four times this year, and the fourth rate hike is On this Thursday.

Trump believes that the Fed’s interest rate policy is contrary to its own policy. The current “fragile” US economy is caused by the Fed’s interest rate hike. This year, it has repeatedly blamed the Fed’s chairman. Powell.

The US Dow Jones index plunged 400 points in a week, the most serious since the 2008 financial crisis. Trump is angry with such a US economy and blames it on the Fed and Powell.

(Source: TIME)

The Fed is not under the government, of course, Trump After Powell raised interest rates, Powell said: The Fed’s decision will not be affected by politics, and nothing can stop the Fed from doing the right thing!

It is estimated that Trump must have the idea of ​​including the Fed in the government's jurisdiction, but if you think about it, the two sides will still have no problem.

The majority of Trump’s tweets in the past two days are seeking support. Because of the issue of the US-Mexico boundary wall, Trump also released a video asking for a “border wall” to prevent criminals from crossing the border. And illegal immigration and other issues.

Trump rarely meets on Saturday and meets with Republicans and Democrats, but Democratic Congress leaders Negotiations with the government will continue.

Congress refused $5 billion in construction costs. Trump felt that this was a problem for Mexico, so Mexico should also pay for the border wall, but how can Mexico save money to build such a disadvantage? Wall?

Trump is frustrated by many parties. If you don’t do it, you can’t do it directly. For the border wall, I can shut down the government. I can do everything myself.

Then there will be a scene of the US government "Christmas holiday", if Trump can really get everything done by himself I am afraid that it will not take the move to shut down the government!

Trump is ready for a long battle. In the past, if the US government shut down for a day or two, things will be solved. Now...

For the US this Christmas In terms of festivals, if you must use adjectives, chaos, instability, and fear should be the most appropriate portrayal of the moment!


Of course the US government closes, it may also be a simple break A holiday, it’s a good Christmas~