U.S. arrests Chinese engineers again.

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U.S. arrests Chinese engineers again.

2018-12-23 20:25:18 529 ℃

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The US Department of Justice accused two Chinese citizens of “cyber stealing” on the same day (December 20) and arrested a man named Tan Hongjin. The Chinese engineer said that he had stolen trade secrets from the American oil company he worked for.

According to a Reuters report on the 22nd, 35-year-old Tan Hongjin is an expert in the field of battery systems and energy storage. The US Department of Justice said it was suspected of downloading hundreds of documents related to the creation of a "downstream energy market research and development product" with a total value of more than $1 billion. Tan Hongjin plans to provide these documents to a Chinese company he will serve.

The US Department of Justice said that Tan Hongjin "theft of intellectual property rights has harmed the interests of American companies and American workers." Currently, he has been arrested by the US police and will be first reviewed on December 26. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun investigating the case.

Screening of the US Department of Justice News Report

Tan Hongjin is an engineer with the physics of Nanjing University Degree and PhD from the California Institute of Technology. The US Department of Justice stated that he has lived in the United States for 12 years as a legal person. On the 12th, Tan Hongjin submitted his resignation and prepared to return to China for development to take care of his parents. On the 20th, he was arrested.

According to Tan Hongjin’s LinkedIn profile, since May 2017, he has worked for the energy multinational Phillips 66 as Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Departmental technical experts. In the previous 11 years, he was a visiting scholar and research assistant at the California Institute of Technology. His major is "Renewable Energy Storage Materials and Systems Development."

Information shows that Philippe 66, headquartered in Houston, is an energy production and logistics company based in Houston, Texas.

Phillips 66 issued a statement saying that the company is assisting the FBI in investigating the "former staff of the Bartlesville factory" case, but declined to give further details.

Tan Hongjin Source: LinkedIn page profile

On the same day that Tan Hongjin was arrested (12 On the 20th of the month, the United States "sue" two Chinese personnel on the grounds of the so-called "cyber stealing", saying that the two cooperated with the Chinese Ministry of National Security and had 45 US government agencies and technology companies and 11 other countries for at least 12 years. Launch large-scale hacking. On the same day, the "five-eye alliance" countries issued a statement of unanimous opinions, and they clamored for China's "network stealing."

On December 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying quickly responded by stating that the US has fabricated facts and made nothing out of it, seriously violating the basic norms of international relations and seriously jeopardizing Sino-US cooperation. The nature is very bad. Resolutely opposed to this, it has made solemn representations to the US.

The United States repeatedly sued three Chinese citizens on the 20th, repeatedly stressing the so-called "stolen US intellectual property rights." Shen Yi, an associate professor of the Department of International Politics at Fudan University, told the Observer Network that this has a certain relationship with the Sino-US economic and trade negotiations.

Shen Yi said that during the 90-day Sino-US negotiation window, the US should pressure China’s so-called "protection of intellectual property rights", which is beyond the scope of economic and trade negotiations and is a matter between the intelligence systems. . Therefore, the US tried to use "moral pressure" to force China to accept all conditions. To put it bluntly, China did not let the US succeed in the previous negotiations; if the US wants everything, then it is no longer necessary to stage the drama today, and wait for the Chinese to redeem the terms. The Chinese and American economic and trade negotiations should be carried out under what kind of atmosphere, and the two sides have different perceptions. The Chinese side believes that the two sides should conduct peaceful and friendly negotiations, while the US side believes that it is necessary to exert pressure, and the US side has "arranged operations" for the Chinese side to complete.

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