Trump’s withdrawal order woke up the British turn to the east, France’s flag, and the open bar

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Trump’s withdrawal order woke up the British turn to the east, France’s flag, and the open bar

2018-12-23 20:25:18 259 ℃

Trump suddenly announced that the withdrawal of troops from Syria triggered a chain effect, and the United States and Britain felt that they had been played by Trump and began to wake up!

Trump’s withdrawal order woke up the UK and turned to look east. This is still good for the world.

Huawei 5G

The key moment is still the old-fashioned imperialism. British o2 Telecom announced that it will build 200 Huawei base station experiments in London next year. The UK has always been a loyal customer of Huawei. The United Kingdom is also estimated to have calculated it. It is estimated that it can be killed by US 5G technology. Britain, France and the United States have never been sincere and will know more about the general situation. At the time, the Asian Investment Bank was also the first to sign an agreement with China.

What is the real reason for the resignation of the Pentagon’s head?

马 Tees was resigned

Earlier this week, Trump announced on Twitter that Defense Minister James Matisse would resign on February 28, 2019. I understand that everyone knows that this is the sudden departure of the Minister of Defense, because Matisse is a professional soldier and opposed to withdrawing troops. The two have bowed.

US Secretary of State Pompey, Defense Secretary Matisse and other national security officials tried to persuade Trump not to do this. The situation in which Matisse was resigned to make the United States withdraw from Syria is more complicated.

It is reported that Matisse and other senior officials tried to change Trump’s idea over the weekend, which is equivalent to a forced palace, but failed.

Turkey and Israel suddenly quarreled

Trump suddenly announced his withdrawal from Syria, and Turkey and Israel felt the opportunity came and moved frequently. Erdogan said that Turkey will fight against the "Islamic State" extremist organization in Syria and continue to fight against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.

Opening the bar

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Netanya Hu Juran suddenly stood up at the moral level.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked Turkey during his busy schedule, saying that as long as Turkey continues to attack the Kurds, Ankara cannot occupy moral high ground on the Tel Aviv issue.

Turkey and Israeli leaders accused each other on Saturday, and Erdogan said in a speech that Israel "was beaten women and children on the ground", and he specifically referred to Palestinian victims of Israeli violence. Netanyahu accused the Turks of harassing Kurds in Turkey.


Erdogan added: "If Israel is like this again Women and children, we will give them a lesson."

This whispered words almost immediately reacted in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu said: "Erdogan, the occupier of northern Cyprus, has no money to teach Israel on moral issues. His army has slaughtered women and children in Kurdish villages in Turkey and abroad."

French raised the banner and announced that it will remain.

The United States announced that it will withdraw its troops from Syria in the next 100 days, which is very disappointing to France.

Kurd Arms

It is reported that the French President Mark Long’s adviser met with the Syrian Democratic Forces ( SDF) Kurdish armed representatives and assure them that they will receive support from Paris in the future. The Syrian Democratic Council asked France to help establish a no-fly zone in northern Syria.

These consultants delivered information on support and solidarity and explained to them the talks between the French and US authorities to continue to fight ISIL.

At the same time, France decided to stay in Syria and continue to fight the remaining terrorists.

At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to strengthen his actions in Syria and prevent Iran from strengthening its military strike against Israel. He said that this was done with the full support and support of the United States to announce that it would continue to implement the policy of not allowing Iran to establish a base near the border.

US Army

Iran has not responded to Israeli officials’ comments, but it has repeatedly stressed that Its forces retain only the presence of advisory bodies in Syria and deny any plans to establish a permanent military presence in the country.

Since 2014, US-led coalition forces have been operating in Syria, neither authorized by the United Nations nor authorized by the Syrian government. Damascus has always believed that the military presence of Washington in Syria is illegal.